chaotic recap... sixteenth edition

It's been hot and busy here as usual so brace yourself for a photo dump... of our life as of late...

the girls are so mobile and suddenly so fast

they often end up together... wherever they are racing to

no mommy, we're not scheming... not at all....

they play pretty nicely together... except for the odd tackle here and there

for the concerned parents out there... we moved these mattresses down that night (okay the next night)... Andrew was known to vault out of the crib...we weren't about to have a repeat of that!

discovery: flyers make the best toys


discovery: daddy's shoulders are our transportation method of choice in this house

hmmm so Alice wants to walk, she stands up all of the time and wakes up more in the night (undoubtedly because she has no time for rest, she must master this skill of walking!)

discovery: this whole hold a baby while I take a picture of us thing is on the extinction list... that one arm hold is heavy now

that's right... she wants to climb the stairs

Alice to Heidi: I promise if you come in I will not tackle you

Heidi: I've heard that one before.

Well that's our life lately.  How is yours?


  1. Looks like everyone is holding up well in the heat. When are we all going to catch a break?? Daddy's shoulders are the best! (so I've heard) :)

  2. CUTE outfits on the girls!! :)

  3. They have the cutest outfits!!!!

    I would love to give Avery the flyers but she would end up eating them. She loves to eat paper???

  4. Wow! They look so big! My kiddos love flyers too, only I can't let them have them for more than about 2.5 seconds because they (especially Mia) is a little big too obsessed with eating paper! I can't even leave her alone with her books anymore as, no matter how durable they are, unless they are made of plastic she WILL eat through them!

  5. The girls just keep getting cuter and cuter.

  6. they are so precious! the scheming picture especially!

  7. They are so cute - Isla is going to be the gymnast (pointed toes everywhere) and Alice already looks so tall! Love their wardrobe too, taking after their mom :)


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