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I have a major change itch these days... major.  I just want to paint something, change up a room and of course rip out the still there front entrance-way tile.  I guess things are getting less chaotic with the girls since I am actually thinking about non-baby stuff for a change.  Of course I just jinxed myself in all likelihood.  So well I have the time and mental capacity to indulge in design thoughts here is one home that I am loving at the moment...

The designer was a close friend of the client's and I think that is why this place seems so inviting... I love this rug.  It's not pretentious and looks informal despite the strong print...  and of course the view isn't bad either!

Our table never has a tablecloth on it (well maybe it does on Christmas morning) and the reason for it is the thought of tablecloth makes me think of some tired looking rag that hangs awkwardly from a table.  This is no such rag... this has house transforming potential.  I'm not sure how I feel about the ubber stumpy legs on the table but I am loving the rest of the room.

umm wall colour... love it.  I am also loving how the books are just stacked there out in the open.  The article  profiling this house talked about how the family loved books and art and how pre-decorating it was largely lacking.  Well we love books here and aside from the big bookshelves our books are no where to be seen.  I think this has to change.
This transformation was done by Nancy Riesco and I think I might just have to dig around for more of her design goodness.  Photos are all from Style at Home

Are you currently harboring a design itch?  What do you think about tablecloths?

Happy Wednesday!


  1. I'm not huge on tableclothes mainly because any spill, and you have to wash it. With a toddler, that's like every 5 seconds (even though she's a pretty neat kid). And don't get me started on her squirming in her seat and moving the table cloth around, bunching it up and moving plates. Craziness.

    I love the look though. But mostly for a nice get together.

    Love these images. I NEED that bedside lamp for my bedroom!

  2. Love all of these! I am not a tablecloth person, but our decorating style is a bit more modern adn it doesn't seem to fit, but I am thinking times are changing and tablecloths are coming back!

    I do the same thing with my books, I like just having them around!

    1. The tablecloth is actually a John Robshow duvet cover!!!
      Why not, I thought when choosing it for my friend/client. Plus
      she only has one child and he's 14. He does still spill though.....


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