chaotic recap... without the pictures

In case you missed it, I executed a royal fail while camping and let our camera take a swim in a vat of coffee (or a diaper bag of coffee to be precise).  I think I am still in the denial phase... as in that couldn't have possibly really happened and it will work again.  We do have another camera... a smaller... point and shoot... much inferior camera but the battery needs charging and in my state of denial about our good (or formerly good) camera I don't think this camera needs charging because the other one is going to work again soon.  Okay enough of the rant... here's our week minus the photos.

Isla and Alice are going to be one on Monday so we've been in party prep mode.  Some how these things always manage to get bigger than one originally intends and that is the case here as well.  It seems so strange that they are almost one.  In a way it feels like they have always been here... that this past year was the longest one ever but in another way it feels like just yesterday that I was sucking down a blue freeze on our way to the hospital.

I've been taking the girls swimming a ton... well me + one which is often my parents and sometimes Andrew. They scream and laugh and clap for themselves in the pool.  Alice loves to walk up the stairs of the slide and Isla loves to jump in the shallow water.

We spent an afternoon at Ikea with my Sister and my Mom.  Ikea is an amazing place to take babies.  So so much for them to look at, one million mirrors and big wide isles.

Alice wakes up so much in the night.  I have been struggling with this.  Well struggling with... let's just let her do what she will do in the night and not get fussed about it because she is a baby and obviously just needs us in the night still and let's sleep train the ... out of her.  But I just can't be that person.  That person who let's her babies cry to train them when they are so little still... scratch that... I don't think it matters that they are little... they are crying and they are ours so I don't see my feelings changing on this.  I am debating their naps... as in they still take two of them... one at 9am and one at 1pm...  I've read that sleep begets sleep but maybe now that they are bigger that is no longer true?  Perhaps they are sleeping too much during the day??  Any thoughts on this?

We watched the first episode of Game of Thrones this week.  Andrew has all of the books on his kindle and is working his way through.  HBO always seems to do it up right and yeah it was graphic, violent and full of sex... but it was definitely entertaining.  We'll be watching the rest of the season for sure.

I am still chipping my way through Shadow of Night (the second books in the Discovery of Witches series).  It's good but hasn't pulled me in still... but I have neglected it this week to watch the olympics.

okay this whole lack of pictures thing is terrible...
how was your week?

happy weekend!


  1. How many hours are the girls sleeping at nap time? Aiden sleeps about an hour to 1 hr 30 at both 9am and 1pm. He then sleeps from 7pm-6:30-7am. I've often wondered if he is getting enough sleep at nap times?
    I have read the same thing, sleep begets sleep.
    I have the GOT books on my Kindle too but haven't started reading them yet. So sorry to hear about your camera, that would KILL me if that happened to me! Hope you are having a great day!

    1. the girls were sleeping about an hour and a half to two hours per nap. More recently it's been more like an hour in the am and one and a half in the pm.

  2. Right there with you on the sleep thing. Ian still has two naps during the day as well. He was sleeping through the night really well until about a week ago when he got sick with a cold and now we're back to night nursing a couple of times during the night, hopeful that once he starts to feel better he'll go back to sleeping through the night.
    We recently watched the Game of Thrones as well. Really entertaining & we both enjoyed the first season but I do wish it was less violent.

  3. I definitely agree that naps help kids sleep at night. Cutting out sleep has never worked for my kids. Just routine. Then again, they also did really well with sleep training. After the first few days they just started sleeping through the night no problem an we were all a happier bunch. It was definitely worth the few minutes of crying. However even now if the routine gets off, it takes a while for the sleeping schedule to get back to normal.

  4. I miss seeing the girls! My sister loves Game of Thrones and I plan on starting it soon. And Emily loves the pool too, so much fun!

  5. So sorry to hear about your camera, that is just awful :( Their napping times and lengths sound about right (or at least, sounds the same as other babies the same age as ours). The couple of times that Ben and Mia missed a nap they actually slept worse at night. Does Alice have a lovie or something that she sleeps with? That was a HUGE key in having them put themselves back to sleep when they woke up. Do you feel like she's getting up more? For us, it seemed like the more I'd go get them the more they would wake up wanting me to come get them, until I was virtually getting no sleep at all! Yes, yes, yes, I admit, we did cio, but we were SO very lucky, and it literally took two nights, and only about 15 minutes of minimal crying when they woke up and they have slept through the night ever since. I could never have gone through with it otherwise! Not everyone does cio though, and I don't hear of many two+ year olds waking up all through the night, so I am guessing they just grow out of it at some point??
    Oh, and happy early birthday to Alice and Isla :)

  6. I am currently reading the first Game of Thrones book and I just finished Season 1. I'm having a little trouble plowing through the book, but the series was a good watch. Have to entertain myself until the Vampire Diaries comes back on...

  7. I completely agree with you regarding CIO then I had twins who could only fall back to sleep while nursing. They didn't learn to fall asleep by themselves. We never taught them so then we had to help them develop that skill. It feels terrible but I know they have one another to chat with. Good luck & do what feels right to you.

  8. Sorry about your camera. Happy birthday to your beautiful girls! I can't believe they are going to be one already. I want to take LM swimming in a real pool, he loves the water play he has had with water tables.


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