toddler friendly yet pretty entryway?

In just a few weeks operation daycare will be live... as in I will become the daycare provider + mom to twins and I am trying to cross things off of my list to get this house totally ready to house two more babies.  One area that has been needing a facelift for a long while is the entryway and although my past visions were a tad more adult I am still excited to do something there to transform the blah plain wall and dull mat into something a bit more fun and definitely more welcoming.  The catch... it needs to be toddler friendly.  What does that mean exactly... well it needs to have a place to easily store coats, a change of clothes and shoes... and preferably a place where each child has their own designated hook or spot.  This also means nothing sketchy... as in it can't be too pretty (read too breakable) that a curious toddler could do real damage to themselves or it.

What we have to work with is one 11 foot tall wall but very little space to work out from since the door closes right back onto this wall (no deep space for large shelves... cabinets... you get the picture)

Things I'm contemplating...

1) hanging canvas bags from low hooks and either attaching a polaroid of the child whose bag it is or using a chalkboard label to write their name on.
2) painting the full wall or part there of in chalkboard paint... fun element... too overdone or just asking for a mess?
3) artwork above the hooks... high enough for little hands not to reach

here's what I've found as far as ideas go...

Ideas anyone?

disclaimer... this is still my house... so no I don't want coloured rubbermaid containers or primary colours... it needs to be pretty yet functional... please!


  1. some of these on etsy are nice yet functional sorry I couldn't get them to link so you're going to have to copy and paste- ref=sr_gallery_5&ga_search_query=coat+racks&ga_view_type=gallery&ga_ship_to=ZZ&ga_min=0&ga_max=0&ga_search_type=all&ga_facet=coat+racks

    1. thanks! you're like my own personal shopper! I really like the first one you sent me.

  2. I probably wouldn't do the chalkboard paint if it was the entryway to my home also, but it's a cute idea. I think the low hooks with pictures is a cute idea, and then artwork higher up that won't be bothered. You'll be great with all these kiddos!

  3. I feel like that last one is perfect for you! I agree that chalkboard paint will be messy in the front...


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