when was the last time you got six hours?

I've been in hiding... well not really (we were gone all of last week on our last summer vacation)... but honestly... the lack of sleep has just caught up with me... well us... and everything just seems a bit tougher to get done.  You see, we kind of had a large case of accidental parenting... and for those of you who don't know what that is... it's basically when something difficult comes up (um say one of your children wakes up multiples times a night crying and you just do the easier thing to get her to stop crying and go back to sleep... instead of the smarter thing that would help everyone in the long run).  That easier thing... feeding her, bringing her to sleep in our room in our bed.  For some this may seem like the perfect solution... for us... it just wasn't.  Maybe if we had a king sized bed it would have been better... likely not.  The point is she was never given the chance to learn to fall asleep on her own and yeah... that was our fault.

So we are now sleep training.  I laugh at myself for the post I wrote here about sleep training.  I mean I would never sleep train an infant!  But she isn't an infant anymore... she's a one year old (well just barely) and everyone in this house needs some quality shut-eye.

One day... hopefully one day soon... we will all get it and that my friends... will be the first time in two years... yes two years... that I will sleep for at least six consecutive hours.  I can't wait.

Happy weekend!


  1. I totally get the "do whatever it takes to get some sleep" bit. Don't stress about it. Maybe they weren't ready to sleep train till now! Good luck mama!

  2. I would never agree to sleep training with my first born. It was awful & cruel & detrimental. And then I had twins. Parenting twins is just different. No matter how hard we want to parent them the same as singletons it is not feasible. So we sleep trained my guys. It was hard but the they have each other in the crib so I know they are not feeling lonely/abandoned blah blah...

    Good luck Mamma!

  3. Haha... we brought Colby into our bed & fed him and all that jazz because I couldn't sleep train him (wouldn't-- same thing). Um.. he's over 3 and spends 99% of the time in our bed. The girls... they sleep pretty well on their own. Syd still wakes up, but I've resisted every urge to just bring her to bed for fear of the bed getting even more too tiny. Or Colby kicking her in the face. :)

  4. Our daughter slept in our room and then our bed for the first six months. Then she became a tasmanian devel that rolled and kicked and fussed all night long, meaning none of us got ANY sleep. Finally, when we had reached our breaking point of exhaustion, we decided she would cry it out in her crib (what let my poor innocent baby cry all by herself?!). After 3 terrible nights, she was sleeping in crib through the night (although it is still debatable if waking up at 5:30, which she often does, constitutes "through the night"). You just do whatever you need to do!

  5. hi there! thanks for commenting on my blog - super sweet of you. Your family is adorable, and i enjoyed reading your sleep training posts. we kinda lucked out with pearce (our first)_ sleeping the the night on her own pretty early on without any "methods" or "sleep training books" - seriously LUCK! BUT!!! we missed out on the BIGGER importance of sleep traning -- hence doing it now whiel she is 2.5 years old. i say much harder now. definitely learned this time around to do official sleep training with #2.


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