chaotic recap... eighteenth edition

It's Friday... so we've officially made it through week one of daycare... not sending the girls to daycare but being a daycare... that means we've had one more little person with us this week.  Things have been going wonderfully.  The girls are smitten with her and she's smitten with Heidi (I mean who isn't?).

Monday night we also had a visitor.  A very important visitor in fact.  One I hadn't seen for a couple of years.  It was such a good visit.  I wish she could have stayed longer.  I wish she lived here.  I am so glad that she came.  Even though we hadn't actually been in the same room for years it felt like we talked everyday (which we don't).  It was so nice and even though Tuesday was a fabulous day here with the girls (all three of them), I felt an ache once she was gone and I wasn't sure what to do about it.  I'm still not sure... but maybe life will bring us closer together one day.

It's funny how being busier tends to make you more organized.  Well that's what it does for me anyways.  Who knew life would be so much less hectic when I actually planned out a weekly menu for the girls and cooked their lunch during their first nap?  I also got in a yoga video during the second nap yesterday... why wasn't I doing this all of those months!

enough of the words... here are the goods...

(our special visitor)

she brought kitty tops (someone reads the blog)

we have one million children's books in this house designed to survive mass destruction attempts...

but alas... they always go for the magazines

the rest of our week

what I read this week

I'm still reading fifty... the last one to be specific and I have no idea what I am going to read next.  I'm thinking about this but not sure I can wait that long seeing as I will likely polish off my current read this weekend.  Any suggestions?  A quick read perhaps?

what I did for me this week

I went to the gym... does that count?

what I found this week (a new one... yes I know)


perfect hair... would my hair need to be past my bum for it to be able to look that good in a bun?
I've decided I have a thing for printed sheets.. they just seem cozier for some reason

love this

How was your week?

happy weekend?


  1. Glad to hear everyone survived week one of daycare! I'm with you, I'm more organized when I'm busier because you have to be in order to stay sane! I just saw this on Pinterest the other day, and it might kill two birds with one stone for you since you have some natural curl to your hair. If you do this, let me know how it works!! Watch the video too.

    1. hmm interesting idea about using a sock in there! my hair just goes like that without a sock but maybe it would work for a bun after i straighten my hair... might feel kind of silly walking around with a sock in my hair but no one would know (i hope)!

  2. I'm aching too :( The girls are so delicious. And I love you tons - goes without saying! xox

  3. PS - Ever notice in the picture with Alice that she's reading the card!? :)

    1. um yeah... she reads at 13 months... she's gifted ... lol I am so not going to be one of those - my child is gifted parents!

  4. That pink hoodie with the little ears is ADORABLE!!!!

  5. Too cute! Glad that your first week of daycare went so well :)

  6. So glad day care is going well! Have you read the Divergent books- I just finished the first 2 and looooved them!


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