it's back!

I did a double take and then a little bit of oh my god seriously when I spotted this yesterday at the drugstore...

yes I know, it's a special edition...

but hey... if they can do it once... they can do it again

there's a mix of old and new in here with a ton of great tips thrown in

it's eye candy for the decorator's soul.

this was once my favourite magazine... it was neverly overly fussy and the spaces in it really do look like home and not overly styled (of course they are likely super styled to get that way).

Do you have a favourite magazine?  I hope yours still exists!

oh and that rug behind the magazine... it now lives in our entryway.. which is 99% complete.  Pictures to come soon!


  1. love the rug. Can't wait to see pics of your new entry way. And glad that your favorite magazine is doing an encore. Hopefully, it will continue to make an appearance at your drug store.

  2. Yaay! I know how much this magazine meant to you. Did you ever write to them? The more word they get that they're missed, the more likely they'll land some funding and republish!
    And My favourite magazine is Vanity Fair, except in September when the Vogue issue is 900+ pages. Then it wins.


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