first day...of ashley does daycare

Today was my first day of daycare.  We're doing a phased-in approach so she was only here for a couple of hours.  We've had many playdates together and I have no doubts that the girls are smitten with her... alice may have even given her hugs and kisses during our last such date.  This day was several months in the making and I thought I would be more nervous or apprehensive about this change but really, when I was thinking about it last night, I was just so relieved to be staying with our girls and really... what's a couple more children to take care of (especially when they happen to both be adorable)?  Yeah... I might just eat those words but right now I feel totally confident in this decision and I am excited for this career change.

I planned on writing more about this path to get to this new role and several of you have asked for updates so I am hoping to share a bit more about how this all came to be soon.

Happy Monday!


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