park worthy boots

It's crispy out this morning and that's reminding me that I need to figure out what I will be putting on my feel all fall.  Normally I would throw on a nice pair of leather boots and be done with it, but expensive leather boots aren't exactly park worthy so I need another option.

Here's what I've found so far...

Minnetonka via shopbop

(trying to figure out whether I can handle all the fringe going on here)

via TOMS

(cute, TOMS so they are going to be comfy.. but perhaps a tad boring?)

via GEOX

(I tried these babies on and yeah they are comfy..  maybe a bit too warm for fall though)
Fyre via shopbop

(okay so maybe not so park worthy... but I like em!)
What will you be wearing on your feet this fall?

(p.s. three sleeping babies upstairs right now... bliss!)

happy wednesday!


  1. Love the last pair!! I was just wondering what I'll wear to the park when it gets colder here too- I just keep thinking that I might bring a pound of sand home with me if I wear anything other than boots!

  2. I think shoes are a smarter bet than higher boots, what with all the bending and crouching...I love the Geox shoes, and it'll be nippy in Ottawa in no time! Go with those.
    I need new boots too- I'm still hobbling around in three year old beaten-up ones. Sigh.

    1. hmm bending true... the first bet would fit loosely though so bending would be no prob. I like the geox ones but of course they are the most expensive realistic option.

  3. I love the TOMS! I'm trying to talk myself out of their wrap boots :)

    1. yeah i thought about those too but deemed them too impractical for my purposes. nice though!

  4. I'm obsessed with those Frye boots! I've been eyeballing the brown ones for a few months, and I think they're going to be a staple of my fall/winter wardrobe. Love your blog!


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