a couple reasons I jumped up and down this weekend


we bought a new good camera
thank god
every time I took a shot with our point and click I cursed in my mind
at the stupidity that was putting that old good camera in a bath of coffee
we upgraded
to the t3i... from the t2i
i am excited


Andrew worked some magic on our television
so we didn't have to resort to buying one of these
I came downstairs one night and wondered why the kitchen vent fan was on high
then saw Andrew with the soldering machine and a piece of the tv
in case your tv won't turn on and you don't want to fork out cash for a new one... it's on youtube
$2 and a soldering machine
is all it took

I needed a good weekend after a colossal failure of a night friday night ... 2.5 hours to learn that my pizza was never coming, random weird call at 11pm while I was solo with the girls and the fire+carbon monoxide detector lasts 7 years... I learned this when it started beeping at 10pm... it had been 7 years... and was hardwired to the house... thank god for fathers who will drive over at all hours of the day/night to rescue you!

so yeah... the rest of the weekend rocked

how was yours?


  1. Lucky you for getting a new camera, and yeah, dad's pretty much rock - both for saving the day with the TV and the carbon monoxide detectors. Those things are awesome when they are setting off false alarms or beeping for no reason.

  2. I'm dying to get a new camera, but have to prioritize furniture first :) Hope this week treats you well.

  3. such a busy weekend! glad you got a new camera and I can't wait to see some pictures with it!

  4. hahah what a good news bad news post! Very exciting about the camera, I am waiting patiently (or not so patiently) to upgrade eventually to a proper camera.

  5. SUPER JEALOUS!!!! You are one lucky lady!
    Have you used the 'Video Recording' feature?
    I have been eyeing that camera for the new addition coming in January. :)
    But I wanted to get one that offers the best of both worlds.
    What are your pros and cons so far with the camera? Any issues? Or hangups?
    I would LOVE to know youe views...


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