god I love this camera
I think I might just love adobe lightroom too

How is your week going?  I've asked this before but I am still curious... which photo editing software do you use?

happy wednesday!


  1. I love, love Isla's curly hair!
    We take pictures in RAW with a Nikon D90 and edit with the Nikon software (when I'm not using my iPhone).

  2. I love lightroom :) a good friend is a professional photographer and she uses it as her primary editing software too.

    Great pics the girls are getting so big :)

  3. I was just going to say that you must love the new camera! god...I need to get one...

  4. So happy you got a new one!!!

    look at that baby hair!!!!! it has really grown in!

  5. Gorgeous photos. I just use iPhoto to crop and adjust exposure/saturation...that's about as creative as I get. :)

  6. Love!! I love Lightroom too... I don't have it yet :/ I just use iPhoto right now, but I'm dying to learn photoshop!


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