doing it

I signed up yesterday.  It's official.  I'm doing it.

Andrew's agreed to be a single parent (at night) for the month of November... well the conversation went like this...

me: so I signed up today...
andrew: really
me: so you're going to support me right
andrew: yes...
me: so you know what that means
andrew: no...
me: you're going to have to do everything after the girls go down
andrew: what's everything
me: well you know, clean up after the girls (we usually split this), make dinner (he already does this 99% of the time), clean up after dinner... you know, everything that gets done..
andrew: .... alright...
me: you know if you want to do something like this for yourself one day, I'll support you and do everything
andrew: yeah you will, I'm already thinking of what that will be...

The rest of the night was filled with questions like so what's your novel going to be about... you should write about... how about... so he's definitely on board.

After I signed up I started reading a bunch of the tips off the site and on writing blogs (which I should mention... there are millions of) one of the tips that stuck with me was to tell everyone immediately that in November you are writing a 50 000 word novel.  Email everyone you know, write it on facebook because humiliation is a great motivator.

So here you have it first, in November I am writing a 50 000 word novel.

oh and I have to thank Mrs. Janney for giving me the final push I needed to actually sign up.  When I got an email yesterday afternoon from her, telling me that she just signed up... over I went to the site and signed my november away!

I'm officially excited.


  1. So exciting! Good luck with the writing!

  2. When I told Phil I had signed up, he started asking me what the novel was going to be about and I couldn't tell him any of my ideas because I was too self-conscious. How stupid is that?!?! Geez.

    I'm so excited though!! And I'm glad I have over a week to solidify my idea a little more before we get started. :)

  3. That rocks! Congrats on taking that big step. I'm excited for you and hope it will be a great experience.

  4. wow, congrats and good luck!! I imagine that for any sports playoffs in the next year you will be "doing everything". Just be happy hockey's not around this year!

  5. I was wondering how the heck you were going to have time to do this!? Lol! That's great u have a supportive hubby! How is the day care thing goin? My boys are doing great Rocco has started walking and Maximus is taking first steps! Lots o fun!! :)

  6. IM SO PROUD OF YOU! Ladies and gentlemen, the next JK Rowling!

    1. thanks... although i think you're slightly biased!

  7. Oooh! I'm so proud of you!! That's amazing! You can do it :) Can't wait to hear updates!

  8. I'll throw a little encouragement in here! I did NaNoWriMo back in high school and it was one of the most rewarding experiences I've ever had. You can do it! And now, of course, you have me thinking if I should take another try at it...

    1. do it, do it, do it, the more the merrier (did i just say that)


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