the bachelor canada, week 3 recap

It's week 3 and I feel like we hardly know any of these women (aside from crazy and giggles).  The first date is a one on one with Cara (I threw a softball when I met Brad).  They flew to Alberta to herd cattle... okay... Brad is rocking another v-neck with his tattoo showing... I've decided this really isn't for me.  Oh that hat is too much.  I want to like her.  They kiss while on horseback.

Back at the mansion and apparently they've been there for 18 days... really... that long. I guess this is week 3 so that makes sense... it just doesn't seem like we've seen 18 days worth of drama.  Who is this woman reading the second date card and is that dress maternity (okay i know.. too far... she doesn't look pregnant... but the dress does).

and now we're back to the date with Cara and they're at dinner... this is the most beautiful scene ever... (her words not mine).  It's a glorified barn and the number of candles on top of hay concerns me.  I'm undecided if this is going anywhere.

The next date is in mexico...  okay really, in the usual bachlor/ette/pad they all go to the destination for a while... not for a night or two on a date... such a tease bachelor canada!  Now that they're in Mexico they are going to play soccer with kids... which yes is nice but you're in mexico... couldn't we have played soccer in Vancouver?  Ghabby is either seriously playing hard to get or is just not that into him.  I don't think Ghabby likes me... Brad's words... I'm going to try to change that.. why would you want to?  Next it's pool party time... now we're in mexico!  Britney's still there (I thought she got the axe last week - I like her so I'm glad).  What's with his watch (giant, white, plastic I think)... maybe I am behind the times.  He's really into Ghabby... not sure how I feel about this yet but my gut is telling me it's a bad idea.  Chris Humphries' ex (Bianka) is scarred for life and very hesitant apparently.  Brad drops the I have to send four of you back home tonight bomb (really soccer + pool party... then home)  Bianka stays and Ghabby is super bitter... so Bianka tells Ghabby that she told Brad he's growing on me... hmm I get that you're not supposed to love the bachelor on day one... but she seemed like she was doing him a favor by liking him a little.

The last date card comes and crazy thinks brad puts her on these competitive dates because she'll always win.

One on one time with Bianka.. what's with that bathing suit brad? did someone put that in the dryer (andrew's words not mine).  Oh the kiss... we couldn't really focus on it... we were too busy staring at the sand on her butt cheeks.

The last date sounds like colour war at camp...  and we have Brad in a scoopneck + cardigan... that of course shows the tat.  They're having a lumberjack contest... really...  pole climbing, this actually looks like a good workout.  Jousting... crazy vs sophie (who is sophie) and crazy wins... boo.  Giggles is crazy perky... blue team wins... yay that means no crazy for the date.  Maybe giggles will drop the v bomb on brad.  Dean Broady.. who is he?  I find it so awkward with the whole live show for an audience of one... or four... awkward I tell you... and now she's singing.. more awkward.  and now they're group dancing... I can't take it.

oh brad's boots... oh.

one on one time with breakdown... she's cuddling in (laura b) and he's not reciprocating.... oh and now there's tongue... so maybe he's cool with the breakdown now.

Giggles is about to drop the v bomb... I can hardly watch...  and she got interrupted... now she's going back down... and they showed nothing of Brad's time with Sophie (she's not getting a rose...or any action)... bomb dropped... hugs all around.  Is brad wearing a cape?  Product placement + bubble bath.  nothing like a tandem bath after a long day.  Enter host (I forget name)... brad has decided to send four home instead of two (rule breaker... I like it)  ... Cindy (we always watch the bachel/or/ette/pad with our neighbors) tells me the host is married to Genevieve... really?  didn't see that one coming.

Giggles is called first... throwing down her v card has certainly earned her some points

Whitney (Crazy) is pissed... she gets the last rose... not pleased.

and another week of quality tv is over...

hope you have a fabulous weekend!



  1. I'm with you. I still have no idea who anyone is except for the 2 villians and giggles. OMG if I hear that laugh again, I might shoot myself. Oh, and of course, the Kris Humphrey ex.
    Ok, the picture you posted is driving me crazy. I can't figure out whose legs Gabby is sitting on?! Wasn't there only 4 of them on the date? So she's not covering anyone, is she?

    1. you're right, that's super weird and I can't figure it out either... damn.

  2. so funny...i found out a guy at work knows the bachelor so I'm trying to get the background for you!!


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