Enough of the talking about my entryway... because you know I talk about wanting to do something to it way too much.  Here it is, all done, and yes those damn tiles are still there.  I kind of love how it turned out though... mexican hacienda tiles and all!

paint . farrow and ball's downpipe (we had some leftover from the master)
print . madebygirl
frame . ikea
hooks, rug . jdadam in ottawa
canvas totes . indigo
light . home depot (I know I saw this light on a blog not so long ago and I checked our local hd and it was there and also on clearance)
shoes . joe fresh (and yes, those are gold, glitter oxfords... they are Alice's and they are awesome)

I was so unsure about the rug ... it is so traditional looking compared to the rest of our house but I think it works and kind of makes the entryway feel so unpretentious... who am I kidding, there is no pretentious bone left in this house... at 11am on a weekday it looks like fisher price took over.... but you know what I mean.

and now that I've shown you the inside, you mind as well see the outside

Alice and Isla heart those pumpkins and call them itty (which means kitty... but also works for anything resembling an animal... or a pumpkin as we've recently learnt)

and in case you're wondering... no I did not make that... I found it at homesense... it was one of a kind... or I found the last one... either way it now lives on our front door.

I will leave you with the cat... just because she hasn't made an appearance on here in a while.

Happy almost friday (one day to go)!


  1. Wow, I love it all. I love the paint color and the light fixture!!!!!

    You are such a great decorator!

  2. oh wow! That's gorgeous Ashley! You did an amazing job with the entry way.

  3. I have house envy, you have the best taste.

  4. i love all of your decorations! the LOVE graphic framed is adorable! where did you get that?

    andrea brionne

    1. Hi Andrea, I got it from madebygirl dot com ... I have to warn you... it was much mintier than I thought when I ordered it (but now I love it)

  5. You're place looks absolutely gorgeous!!! You have totally inspired me.


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