ten things around here

one. I'm realizing how big these little people are becoming while I am putting together this post.

two. i read this on friday and am now more determined than ever to post more pictures that have me in them

three. alice is almost done with breastfeeding.  i think.

four. don't try to put something on your child that fit them a year earlier... like in this case... this hat... they will end up looking ridiculous... like in this case like she's wearing a helmet.

five. children can be very strong willed

six. you might be tempted to bring your child to a pumpkin patch... well let me warn you... they may liken the tractor ride to a form of outdoor torture... you will get cute pictures but will it be worth it... 

seven. these two are tight and I am pretty sure they're working on their own language as I type.

eight. the facelift is going surprisingly well and I might have stayed up way too late last night in my excitement to make the change

nine. thank god for daycare parents who bring me coffee.  seriously unnecessary but seriously appreciated this morning.

ten.  i'm getting pretty damn nervous about this.


  1. Such cute photos! You tell me if they were worth it though! lol.
    Don't be nervous!! You can do it!

  2. I'm loving the new look, and great photos! I need to start being in more of our pictures with Chloe too.

    1. yeah it's so hard because i usually don't feel up to being in the picture but the article (if you read it) is right - what does that tell our daughters (or sons)... that we're not worth it or too worn out to be in photos.... not a message i want to be sending!

  3. Beautiful pictures! Great new look... clean and crisp ;-)

  4. Love the facelift! And gorgeous photo of you on the side!


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