maybe you've seen this
maybe you haven't
i definitely did a double take

and then i started thinking (which can be a dangerous prospect)
about perspective
about how when I first thought about perspective I thought about the parenting books we (I) am reading (and forcing Andrew to read)
and then i thought seriously... of course... the first thing I think of has to do with babies... and how I read these books to remind myself to try to look at the world through their perspective... and then i thought about how we live in such a bubble
and then i thought about things outside of the bubble
like the perspective i have in general now since i am for all intents and purposes a largely different person than i was a couple of years ago... and how it's hard to relate to people outside of this bubble...
people that i want to be closer with
that i want to spend more time with
but who have a completely different perspective than i (which is of course normal)
and now i am wondering if people out there so far from this bubble want to get in the bubble, pop it or run from it... and where that leaves me

what are you thinking about today?


  1. My hubby and I were just talking about money and how our perspective of it and how we spend it has changed since a baby.

    I hadn't seen that pic but it is pretty cool!!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. yes money is SUCH a change now. like we spend money on strollers, snowsuits and baby clothes and everyone else buys a new bag!

  2. how much almond butter I eat and that it might be too much.

    ...but actually, this post is very thought provoking. Perspective and the grace to accept that of others and be compassionate towards your own is something that happens as we grow, I believe. As teenagers we all think our views of things are unquestionable. Then we grow and see that the flip side of things has just as much weight in reality. For example, I used to judge (harshly) anyone who would want to work in an office, 9-5- just because I didnt want it for myself. I now know so much better. The more angles we can view and accept the world from, the more the world opens itself to us with its possibilities... back to my almond butter.

    1. yes yes I know you loathed the 9-5... I did it and it wasn't for me either... does anyone actually love sitting in front of a computer from 9-5 (anyone who isn't spending all that time perusing pinterest and blogs?)

      ask mommy about the almond butter... she's the almond butter queen!

      oh and have you tried apple butter? apparently good for you too?!


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