the bachelor canada, week 1 recap

Okay so the bachelor is kind of a big deal in this house.  It is definitely a guilty pleasure and a night we look forward to each week.  We kind of have a standing date with our friends who happen to live a couple of houses away to watch the bachelor... bachlorette... bachelor pad whenever it is on... and I'm not sure if it's the social interaction... the open yet completely accepted judging of everyone on the show... or the drama that I relish... but relish it I do.

and now it's on our home turf... being Canada... and I have to admit... I did not have high hopes.  I thought the location would likely be an embarrassment and the guy would likely be yet another way too cocky male. After week 1... I stand corrected.

My first thought... who is this host... he's tall... he's skinny... he's alright...  I guess.

Next there's the bachelor... Brad... not to be confused with the two time American bachelor Brad.  I'm hoping the similarities start and end with the name.  Now I happen to know someone who knows someone who knows this bachelor (and no Canada is not actually that small.. it's just a coincidence) and apparently he is actually a nice guy... so I will give him the benefit of the doubt.

I mean he looks kind of nice...

so then the girls start arriving and there were some gorgeous women who got out, some less than gorgeous and some quite quirky who you just know are going to embarrass themselves or stir the pot.

things I noticed... teeth (do the american bachlorette contestants get theirs capped pre-show?), prom dresses (do they get to just pick what they wear... I used to think they had a bunch to chose from... but not carte blanche... I think I stand corrected... ), girls that remind me of previous bachelor/ette/pad contestants, and fake boobs (lots of them).

the usual scrambling for his attention summarizes the first night and then we were right into our first rose ceremony.

I like his picks for the most part and also like that he's already breaking the rules by giving out one more rose.

so far I'm liking kara and ana (who got that extra rose) but my picks are largely based on non wife material merits... like what they wore.  I'm thinking that whitney and gabriel are both trouble and that chantelle needs to keep that giggling to a minimum.

but what do I know.

that's all for now.

did you watch?


  1. I thought it was SO bad, just so bad lol I hate to say it, but very few of the girls were very pretty. And one of the first things I noticed, like you said, was the teeth! Use the white strips! Of course I'll watch every week, but probably roll my eyes and hang my head in embarassment (even more so than the American one). At least the location is nice?

    1. agreed. can't handle the embarrassing parts... I always have to look away, it's like a love hate relationship!

  2. I watched part of it last night in bed on my iPad. I got as far as some of the introductions and then turned it off...not because I didn't want to watch it but because Adam came up to bed and I didn't want to have to explain myself!

    From what I did see, there are some very interesting girls there. Girls I know that I could never ever get along with! P.S. I'm watching the rest when I get home :)

  3. We've had two seasons of this in the UK and I've watched both of them. I hate myself for it but I just can't help myself!

  4. Oh man. It was pretty bad!! But the preview of the season had me hooked... so many MAN TEARS! haha
    I haven't watched this week's yet, but to fill the void Bachelor Pad left, I'm happy to say I'll be tuning in to watch the train wreck! And my goodness are you right about Chantelle and her giggling... it's going to drive me nuts!!


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