the bachelor canada... week 4 recap

Okay so week 4 is a little late coming since I was actually out for dinner + drinks on Thursday night.  We finally sat down to watch it (with Cindy + Barrie in tow of course) on Saturday night and well personally I am feeling that this season is rushed (hometowns on week 5) but well you know they saying... when you know, you know... I hope.

The week starts off with an announcement from the host... apparently Brad has decided to send another four home at the end of this week (wouldn't you feel a bit put off to be told that in advance of your date?), the dreaded two on one is happening this week and we're cutting it down to four girls next week... rushed much!  Ana, Gabrielle, Kara and Whitney are going on the four on one.  They will be doing a fashion shoot for loulou for the november issue... kind of cool.

Giggles is back at the mansion and about to read the date card... referring to the city of love (hello paris), Laura b and Bianka will be hauled off to Paris for a night or two.  I am calling this and saying Laura b is staying (if he doesn't end up sending them both home).

The photoshoot starts off quite tacky...  purple eye makeup all over Gabrielle, terrible.  Did Brad get some sort of modelling training pre shoot, he looks way too comfortable doing this?  and my chest just cracked (anyone else have weird stuff that cracks post baby?)  Brittany's shoot started off awkward, but then got better, I like her.

it's about to cut to commercial and we get a preview... Brad is breaking out the water works... Andrew: first of all, he's making Canadian bachelors look like a bunch of nancy's ... the US bachelor has ever cried before! (Clearly Andrew isn't a crier himself but personally I don't take men crying as a bad thing, hello sometimes we want to see a bit (tiny bit) of vulnerability, no?

Brad is bringing Brittany out for some one on one... she looks stressed.  her father is/or was an alcoholic.  Brad seems to be dealing with her emotionalism (can you blame her) well.  Barrie: the girl from ottawa's breasts are about to fall out of her shirt... andrew: (I pause, rewind) you're one slip away from a nip slip.  Brad can't decide about these women so he's not giving out the rose on this date.  The women are a bit upset... he asks if that's okay... how exactly are they supposed to respond?

Giggles thinks she's getting the one on one.  Whitney goes next level.  She goes and finds him and he's really happy that she's there right now (damn).... and he's going to start crying... I can feel it.  He really opens up to her (which I am happy for him that he can do that but disappointed that it's her)....  and she just stares at him... so you're not going to hug him or anything (cindy)... okay she's crying too now so maybe she has some feelings. Andrew:  anyone can hide psycho for short periods of time.  Whitney: i better get that one on one date... after all the tears... way to take advantage of a man while he's down.

Now we're in Paris...Brad's wondering about Laura b's emotional maturity.  It looks like she's wearing a bedsheet (andrew's words not mine).  Kissing under the Eiffel tower... actually pretty cute.  He seems into her.  Apparently 100% into her but not sure about her emotional stability.

Last date card read by Ana.  Apparently Ana works at mezzanotte in ottawa... and whitney gets the one on one.  Giggles is quietly disappointed.

In paris... Brad's doing a re-wear... is this the same day... couldn't they afford a wardrobe change...don't quote me (andrew).  She's wearing toms... that's going to feel awful when they're good and soaked.  Brad speaks french...  I wonder if she does... she doesn't say anything.  She's not sure if she could be engaged at the end of this... he wants to know what he can do to make it easier for her (damn is he into her... booo).  He loves being with her (premature L word).  He abandons her at the cafe... I hope she knows her way back.

Wow that's a pink shirt... oh the blue blazer just ruined him for me....  God the dresses are terrible... please tell me someone picked these for them... such an awkward spot... people walking by... can hardly hear Brad... and he keeps Bianka... he tells Laura B that she's in the same spot he was two years ago.... ouch.... not fun to be told you're insecure.  She doesn't look too hurt... okay she's a bit sad but not devastated.

Whitney and Brad are repelling down a wall.  He's scared... like actually scared... she isn't phased. What kind of a man makes the woman climb down first... Brad you just fell several points for me.... and he's calling her whit... i just threw up a little..  It's funny that he says now let's relax.. she looks incapable of relaxing actually... and he gave her the rose (of course, damn).  Giggle's leaving (grandfather, that's sad)... she's not coming back from what I gather and he didn't ask her to come back.  She picked family which in this case is the right decision but really if she was THE one... he'd have asked her to come back.

At the rose ceremony he calls Kara first... I like her but am surprised... and then he asks for a minute and leaves... he picks gab (by).  boo to that.  oh brad you are losing me big time here.  this is not going to end well.

and that's week 4.  what did you think?



  1. I'm sad to be missing The Bachelor Canada - we're so behind on the US seasons overseas (I'm currently watching Emily Maynard just about to choose Jef but we all know how that ends.) I doubt they'll play the Canadian episodes over here :(

    1. oh yes emily... she was the one where i was actually convinced that it was going to work... boo to that.

  2. He got rid of the two that I actually liked - Ana and Brit? Clearly he goes for dark hair, olive skin. Blonde and olive just doesn't cut it. I agree wholeheartedly with Andrew about the wardrobe change too!

    1. yeah those were my faves too... damn you brad and your poor choices! i think it's been fairly well proven that our version of the bachelor just isn't up to snuff... including (or especially) the wardrobe. I mean we have some good options here in Canada for those types of things... we're just not making use of them!


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