we had a monster mash

We got the costumes at Joe Fresh.  Isla + Alice are in love with them.  I fear they may throw down a protest tomorrow when we try to dress them not as a cupcake and duck.

Andrew whipped up ... or I suppose carved... a kitty in our pumpkin last night.  We had a second large pumpkin but it unfortunately fell victim to rot... so it's hidden in the back beside our front door.

Last year I think we had around 100 kids... our candy supply is already depleted (zero willpower) so hopefully we won't have more than last year.

Happy Halloween!

ps.  I am 90% preoccupied with the fact that nanowrimo starts tomorrow... so while it may be Halloween in my mind it's I have one day to get my shit together and write a masterpiece (no pressure).


  1. The cupcake costume is adorable, I haven't seen that before! And of course the duck is sweet too. Have fun tonight! We may or may not have had to go buy more candy b/c we "accidentally" opened the bag a few nights ago... :)

  2. Sweet pictures!
    As my old thesis advisor used to say (and probably still does but thankfully I don't have to listen to him anymore): "write shit". In other words, don't try to write a masterpiece. Just write.
    I'm very excited for you that you are doing this Nanowrimo business. Go Ashley!!

  3. awwww soooooooooo cute!! love the pictures of all of them from the back. We had a good number of kids but still have some leftovers! bonus!

  4. The girls are adorable!

    We had rainy, windy and cold Halloween and our street is very quiet, so we are eating all of the candy ourselves :)

    Good luck with your nanowrimo project!


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