Chaotic Recap... Twentieth Edition

Hello there, I hope you've had a fabulous week. I've been in a bubble of typing, tea, typing, starbucks. I am past the halfway mark sitting at 27,548 words, which is still ahead, but I found this week to be trying since I am still grappling with a major plot decision.

enough about that. here's a rundown of the rest...

the toddler goods (can I call them babies when they have all four molars?)

oh her expressions, they kill me + her tiny face is chunking up ever so slightly

adventures in feeding themselves with spoons

need I elaborate?

her approach is calculated, it begins with a stare, followed closely by the scrunched up face, enter the precise dip into the bowl, finish with the spoon going directly into the mouth (at least that's what happened the next time I swear)

 Alice likes to cuddle, to tackle, to give morning hugs 

this is Isla's favourite sweater... she also has a favourite tunic, favourite pair of shoes... and the list goes on

If there was any question in my mind about putting them into gymnastics, that doubt has cleared

 what I read this week

I started to read wild and I think I will love it but I found myself crying just a handful of pages in so it's going to sit on the shelf until after nano... 

I am reading The Whole Brain Child, one of three parenting books that I ordered a few weeks back in my quest to find books that offer a different approach to raising, interacting and disciplining your child. I am nearing the halfway mark and have learned many useful tools such as name it to tame it, engage don't enrage and many interesting facts about the developing human brain. I plan on doing a full review when I finish.

what I did for me this week

I wrote thousands of words, that's what I did (NaNoWriMo) 
I bought a dress

what I found this week

these marriage tips found by kellythis print, this t-shirt, this sweater, this scarf  and lastly this is full of amazing things.

have a wonderful weekend.