NaNoWriMo 4000 Words Left + 20 More Things

I have less than 4000 words left until I hit 50 000.

1- holy shit, I am going to do this
2- of course I am. I would be so so so mad at myself if I didn't finish. I'm just like that. Slightly anal + too much of a perfectionist
3- I don't even need the @nanosprints anymore (but I still love them)
4- when did that happen, I can't remember
5- I just wrote 1200 words in 45 minutes
6- that's a lot for me
7- when people tell you that your characters will actually tell you what they want to do next they aren't lying, that happens
8- I wrote a sex scene while I am in the middle of reading this, I think I went too far
9- oh well, no editing allowed right now
10- I think I have become caffeine dependent
11- oh well
12- I am so far away from being done this story
13- I avoid thinking about the number of words I will have to write after November
14- I am scared that I will feel all alone, all of the support of NaNoWriMo over
15- I wonder if I should keep writing 1667 words a day after November 30th
16- or if I should let up and shot for something like 1000 a day
17- the voice inside my head tells me that 1000 would be okay, but I like this pace, but I need a life
18- but I love this
19- okay enough of the self pressure talk
20- next year if you have any desire, just a small small wonder about doing this, you need to do it, it will change things, big things.

That's all.

Happy Monday

Okay I lied. We went out and pretended to be real people who go out on Saturday...

It was pretty fantastic.

Now I'm done.


  1. Hot mama!! Way to go! I'll still be your cheerleader after November's over!!

  2. You will not be alone in December!

    I'll still have a novel to finish.

    I'll also have a novel to EDIT. (Holy crap. I have to edit this thing?)

    By edit, I will have a novel to REWRITE.

    KEEP GOING! I am!

    1. Yes I see a REWRITE in my future as well... seeing as I have been jumping back and forth between time, worlds and days!

  3. You guys look AMAZING! Love the dress!

    1. Thanks Jess! It's not the one I ordered... that proved to be a disaster... this one is Erica's!

  4. You look great! And those shoes - where did you get them???Looks like I need excited for you being so close to NANO - can't wait until you turn the big 50,000 mark.

    1. I bought these and seriously I am fuming... I paid full price last week!!! buy them... at least someone can get the deal!


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