Chaotic Recap... Twenty First Edition

Is it Friday? Yes, good, thank god. It has been a bit of a long one over here but the weekend will make up for it, I am sure.

Last night was the first time EVER that I did not put the girls to bed. Daddy did it solo while my Mom and I headed out for a desperate dress shopping night (that dress I told you I bought last week = fail).

This was all made possible by the fact that the girls are no longer breastfeeding before bed.
Am I sad? No.
Why? Because they were ready.
Are they weaned? Not entirely.
They still want the boob in the morning.
I can deal.

I am past the 40 000 word mark for NaNoWriMo which boils down to lots of writing, little photo taking. So this will be brief...

toddler goods...

what I read this week

If I say nothing, will you be disappointed? I read nothing. My head is all jammed with my story...

what I did for me this week

I wrote and wrote and wrote
I bought lipstick, this one
I saw Breaking Dawn pt2 (realized Edward just doesn't do it for me anymore)
I bought these pumps

what I found this week

nothing sorry. apparently when I write without the browser open I write a lot more.
what did you find?


just because I think it's beautiful

happy weekend! (and happy Thanksgiving to those of you south of the border)


  1. Love the nude heels....Mine have come in so handy that I bought a pair of peep toed ones as well...Keep trucking on the writing, you can do it!

  2. Alice and Isla just might be the cutest toddlers I've ever seen :-)
    I'm reading Book 3 of the Matched series "Reached" it's so good! I'll send it your way when I'm finished.

  3. I totally will be buying those shoes...tonight...

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