10 Things

One. I haven't blogged since the day I turned thirty. Purely a coincidence, I did not have a mid/third life crisis.

Two. Christmas was a blur of excitement, a multitude of unwrapping, a million get togethers and one blowup.

Three. Alice and Isla say things, like actual words, I'm impressed (and yeah I know, your child says things too, but you too are impressed, I know you are)

Four. I haven't written anything in my first draft since the day I turned thirty, well until today. I put pen to paper and got out 600 words, it's a small start but it's in the right direction. I will finish.

Five. I have decided to get up earlier, 5:05 am to be specific. (I always set the alarm for a non hour, it seems less harsh for some reason). I am getting up early for pure self preservation. I need time to just be by myself, time to do some yoga, read a book, drink some tea.

Six. I need a trick to get Isla walking. Do you know one? She is physically capable, hell we have video footage of her in the act a couple months ago. She lacks confidence or motivation, we're not quite sure. She can take her sweet time in my opinion but she is way past frustrated.

Seven. I ordered a Clairsonic. Do you have one? My skin has gone all hormonal on me post weaning.

Eight. Today I dressed three one year olds up in their snow suits, boots, hats, dreaded mittens, pulled on my snow pants and headed to the backyard in minus 20 degree weather to test out the new sleds on the giant snow slide Andrew built. Twelve rides where I climbed through several feet of snow with a toddler and sled, listened to two crying children while the one en route laughed all the way down the slide. Fun was had by all. Personally, I think that exertion was somewhere up there with running a marathon, no?

Nine. We are booking Maine again, I love Bar Harbor and this time friends are coming with us.

Ten. The bachelor, tonight, enough said

bonus... I smashed my camera lens on New Year's Eve day....the universe does not want me to take nice pictures.

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas and New Years and can't wait to catch up on all of your blogs!




  1. Oh dear...you and cameras!! At least this is just a lens? and...5:05. My dear. I also set my alary for odd times, but it's more like 6:21. But I do go to the gym and eat dinner at 9:30. So, pick your poison I guess.

    1. exactly, pick your poison.

      i do still plan on heading to the gym some evenings since this am yoga is more to relax then break a sweat. The video I did this morning was way too vigorous for 5:05am

  2. One. You are better than me! It's taken me 4 months to finally get a post up and get back on blogger!

    Three. It really is impressive :) It's so strange to think they'll be having actual conversations with us soon!

    Five. Great idea, totally need to do this- will be up at 6:30 tomorrow!

    Seven. Don't have a Clairsonic, but let me know how it works! I just stopped pumping in November and well... what you said.

    Eight. You are my hero. I think if I lived somewhere that it got really cold/snowed I would never leave the house!

    1. one. it's difficult to fit everything in, i struggle with it daily
      three. that will be insane
      seven. damn you hormones. i will let you know how it goes.
      eight. the thought has crossed my mind, believe me.

  3. One. Glad to read an update from you!

    Three. Still waiting for those words to come flooding out of Chloe's mouth. I think maybe she is saying words that parents count as "words" but it's usually just a one time thing and then we are left thinking, "did she just say _______?"

    Five. I do the same thing, except I don't even set it for a clean time of 5:05, I would do 5:07 or something. Weird, I know. :)

    Eight. Sounds fun, but so tiring!

    Ten. He's cute, gorgeous girls but not sure they are all "there".

    Bonus. Your poor camera!

    1. three. they will come, it's crazy how much they understand already but just can't vocalize
      five. i get it.
      ten. are they ever? but trust me, they are a huge improvement from the canadian girls on our first kick at the bachelor

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  5. Welcome back!
    super boo about your camera lens! Hurrah about time for yourself. That was one of my resolutions as well...I find it such a struggle to get up but once i am out of bed I am good to go--and definitely enjoying being less of a spazzy rusher in the mornings.

  6. Ugh, whata bummer about your lens! Welcome back! Happy new year - I'm avoiding your Bachelor post until I watch it!! :)


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