Bachelor, week one

With Sean as the bachelor I am unsure as to what to expect. I am thinking there should be less drama but I suppose that is largely a product of the woman on there.

so here's what went down during week one:

Arie comes to visit. Isn't he sleeping with Coutney (Ben's ex)? Google tells me yes.

Loved the breakup talk... Especially Sean's line about It's not you it's me. Because it's going to be them. So true.

Arie's kissing advice. Kissing with your whole body. Hilarious but I could see it working.

Ashley p., let's call her 50 (for fifty shades)

Lesley m. I like her, maybe, a tad overconfident perhaps

Ashlee, professional organizer, hmm

I wonder if the mansion has ever had a facelift

I think he's too nice to be here

Jackie. Pretty.

Daniella, handshake.... That would not end

Oh god. Amateur gymnast strikes out

Tiera, maybe ...okay he's going to get a rose. When you know you know!?

This is where they make us think that everyone hates her...

Mommy to two. I'm jealous of her boobs

Kacie b. Way to put all her cards on the table...huge crush on you. I would never say that. Ever.

And it's a rose explosion

Drunky in the wedding dress.

50 is a one woman show and it's ugly. But he brought a rape whistle so he's safe. Then she tells him she's going to marry him. Scary.

You got hammered and wore a wedding dress, it's over.

Rose ceremony will be short

Kacie b stays

Poor Paige ex Bach pad can't catch a break... Or a man to be more specific

Wedding dress stays wow

Is it ten yet, this 5:05 am wake up is catching up to me.

And we're done.

What did you think?

And Will Sean be sporting a permanent bouquet of roses, ready to hand one out whenever the urge comes to him?




  1. I caught snippets of it last night but I did see the 50 shades girl...yikes! Glad to see you blogging again...missed you!

    1. I miss everyone and need to catch up this week. I love 50 shades but that was next level crazy.

  2. Great recap!!!!! I like Sean, but I get why Emily gave him the boot, just too perfect.

    I like the very first girl that came out in the red dress. There are a couple other good ones, but wow, thee rounded up every big haired spray tanned girl they could find!

    I think they are trying to make Kacie B The Bachelorette. She will make it far enough to get people to like her and then dump her.

    50 was cray cray!

    1. Oh kacie b, say it isn't so....way to prim and proper!

  3. I'm glad you are blogging about this, your updates will be my experience with this season, just can't watch...Sean is too boring no edge and I can't take it everyone breaking up after...but still, I want to know...

    1. Yes exactly, zero edge...but I'll watch it anyways

  4. I love the you love The Bachelor! I always say I'm going to not watch, but it gets me every time. My favorite trainwreck was the singing girl with the barbie hair extensions. I cringed every time I saw her. And I like Sean, but he always strikes me as lacking in confidence.

    1. Yeah I don't fight it, everyone needs a guilty pleasure or two....

  5. We are definitely on the same page... these girls are nuts. And drunk! My roommate and I watched together and we always wonder how long they've been filming... i imagine the whole hose-down-the-driveway-so-the-limos-can-pull-up takes awhile, then each girl out of the limo, then the cocktail party... it must be 4am! Plus, you never see any food - so no wonder the girls get drunk!
    I don't see any front runners yet. Maybe Kacie B and Sean can be cute and edgeless together?!

    1. Yeah you're right about the whole lack of food thing. They must feed them at the party though. I mean there has to be rules about that I would think. God kacie + Sean= super boring


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