Bachelor, week two

After last night's episode I had a thought: I don't think I like this show anymore. Now we all know it's crap but i still like to watch, or at least I did. Last night I felt like I didn't care.

Dear Sean,

make me care again.


Here's what went down:

Chris Harrison opens with a touching speech... confidence in this working ... I believe you Chris, I believe you.

Sara gets the first date. I feel strange writing anything regarding her disability and don't think in any way that it matters but I am curious as to how she does everything. Of course she was born with it and therefore has known no difference but I would like to know for curiosity's sake. I hope that isn't wrong.

Cue the heli...and let's all run out and meet the helicopter, honestly why they still get excited about helicopters on this show is beyond me... and ladies, keep in mind, sean did not pay for said helicopter

Back to the one on one. They are on the top of a building and are going to free fall.

Andrew wants to know how they get the insurance for something like this (free falling from a building). Hmm, this kind of looks like fun. I mean it is a controlled fall. How do they not swing back into the building? Okay...sitting on the ledge... scary. That's pretty fast actually.

champagne toast after that, yes please.

nice story about the ziplining, in the whole man finding side of it I mean.

sean considers himself a man, good to know

group date invite arrives, 13 girls, intense

and Sara gets the rose. Sean goes in for the kiss. Cindy: did he use his hands (as per Arie's advice)

group date photo shoot for harlequin... andrew: this is right up your alley, me: I think it's tame, not my style

Leslie, I like her. I think he's into her... and they kissed, the ladies are pissed

Tierra, yikes.

Kristy worked it, or him really.... she's the winner... but she's a model, come on unfair advantage

at the pool, Kacie b has bad hair poor girl

With Leslie, why doesn't he just kiss her already? this has been fun... ouch

then she leaves and torments herself,

And she doubles back and now she's kissing him and he's not going in at all, Arie was a poor teacher apparently

Kacie b. he's excited that she's here. And she gets the rosé, I like it.

if one more woman uses the word genuine!!

he's blind to Tierra right now, as every man would be

Katie, this is not for her... and she's leaving

one on one, testing Desiree, by having something break. i. would. die. I don't know about you, but I fear getting in trouble like the plague

chris h: it feels a little messed up, I would have to agree with you Chris

I don't think she believes it, the "artist" looks like a serial killer. I guess she passed the test
I like her, she seems real. What is with Sean.... rose than a kiss. They seem good but is it too comfortable too soon?

Amanda isn't responsive, that can't be good, it's time to go home

Robyn seems to be overthinking things. Let's just get all akward over here. He's dated everybody apparently. he told the producer's that he didn't care physically. Interesting.

Amanda seems to have multiple personalities

I wonder what the budget is for roses on this show.

The rose ceremony was a blur, apparently getting up at 5 am to do yoga and then going to body attack last night did me in. Let's just assume nothing of importance took place.

There you have it. Did you watch?


  1. I agree kinda boring but the thing breaking was kinda funny. I would have run!

  2. I agree about the helicopter thing it's so funny that they're excited and shocked by it when a helicopter shows up in at least every other episode! And then

  3. hahah Josh's commentary re: D's pool date and the comfort level: He's peaking too soon.



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