Chaotic Recap... Twenty Second Edition

Yesterday I wanted to launch my laptop through a window... so today I am attempting the recap from my ipad, blogsy... don't fail me now.

Since my camera is once again damaged I am not going to flood you with a ton of good pictures, instead you get to see a few less than good pictures...

The Toddler Goods

When I was pregnant, Andrew and I used to talk about which sports our twins could do that could get them far in life (read Olympians, professional athletes... we don't aim high here, not at all). One father we met who had apparently spoken with an Olympian who herself has twins, suggested that twins are best suited to tennis or badminton, claiming that they would just mesh so well together. Andrew on the other hand thinks an obscure sport is the way to go.. well Alice and Isla love tobogganing... female bobsledding here we come!

disclaimer - they can pick whichever sports they want, we'll still love them

Last weekend the girls got baptized. It was a lovely event although I have yet to work out the whole I am not quite down with the religion thing in my mind. I figure I will just keep ignoring those thoughts for now. Andrew and I are both baptized so we always intended to get them baptized.

They did awesome, no crying, no freak outs... just sure poor that water over my hair, I can take it!

See those balloons in the background? Those are leftover from New Years. I avoided taking them down because a) that wall is bare normally and b) I was already in that... this house is so empty now that all the Christmas gear is packed away... mind set. They are gone now, but I did love them.

What I did for me

I got up at 5:05 am four times this week and each time I did a yoga video. This one was my favourite.

I wrote not nearly enough. I have major I am not writing enough, there is no time to write, why doesn't the day have two more hours... thoughts these days. I could write at 5am but then what about yoga. I need the yoga. I am thirty now and these limbs are gonna stay limber!

We watched the first four parts (I call them parts because that's what the dvd calls them) of Downton Abbey. It's good. I can see why bloggers everywhere talk about it and why my parents are obsessed with it.

and I had a glass of wine... or two.

What I read this week

I re-read Divergent and am now re-reading Insurgent... god these books... so damn good.

Since I haven't done a recap for quite some time, I will enlighten you on what else I read... A beautiful disaster... super quick read, frustrating often but I liked it, definitely liked it. The Edge of Never... liked this one as well, also quick, perhaps a little too simple writing... but still enjoyable.

What I found

I have not found much. Maybe if the day had 26 hours like I mentioned above I would have more to put here.

Have you found anything?

How was your week?

Happy Weekend!


  1. I just finished Divergent yesterday and am reading Insurgent now. SO GOOD. I also just recently finished reading Enclave and Outpost which are in the same vein as Divergent and Hunger Games. Yay for apocalyptic young-adult fiction!

    1. Of course you are, too funny! I will check out enclave and outpost too, thanks!

  2. Loved divergent and insurgent!!!!!!!

    You should try brave new world and handmaids tale!

  3. Goodness Alice looks SO tall in that picture with Heidi!! Love the balloons on the wall- It always makes me sad to take down all the Christmas stuff, but now it's kinda fun to think about what Christmas will be like the next year. I remember putting stuff away last Christmas and thinking- I can't imagine them next Christmas at 16 months. Now I keep thinking that I can't imagine them almost 2.5 years old!!
    Have you read any Gillian Flynn books? I read Gone Girl, and am now hooked on Sharp Objects- both really good!


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