This is Stephanie.

You might remember her.

If not, I will offer you this: she is my sister

How old do you think she is? Take a guess...

okay she is four years younger than me... yes four.

and why am I sharing all of this with you? Because I think she is fabulous. Yes she has a significant dose of crazy in her (see above) but part of me (a big part at times) wishes that I could do what she does, that I would have the guts to first of all buy those tights and second of all actually wear them in public on a non-halloween day (okay this outfit was for a lady gaga concert so perhaps it is not so dissimilar to Halloween). In truth, we are quite the opposite but I like to think that in recent years we have become more similar in ways. She was always the outgoing one, the look what I can do one, the star of the majority of our family pictures growing up one where as I was the more reserved one, the let's live by the rules one, the cough... practical one.

I look at how our relationship has evolved and wonder at Isla and Alice. They seem so close already. Their age gap is four minutes, not four years. Even though they mostly play parallel these days rather then together, I see the devotion on a daily basis. The most recent evidence being Alice, desperately climbing the stairs and rushing to their bedroom door. Her sister is fast asleep inside and she wants in. But she cannot go in because she is sort of giving up her morning nap and Isla, well she worships the sleep. Alice fell off the ottoman this morning, Isla kissed her better. It is crazy to me to wrap my head around their relationship and what they will be to each other as they grow up. I suppose I should just give up now and sit back and watch.

but it is crazy to me, to be born with a built in best friend.

do you have a sister?

happy almost friday!


  1. No sister for me :( I'm an only child, but always wanted a sibling. I guess my only chance is a sister-in-law!

    1. you know, I would love a sister in law as well - not the same as a sister but could be fun if you mesh

  2. Wow, I love that pic, I assumed it was some crazy person print you got from Etsy! But yes, I do envy someone like your sister who is daring enough to go out and (I am sure) rock that outfit. I would be so self conscious!

    Wow, how sweet are those stories about Alice and Isla? I do love that they have a built in best friend, how nice!!!!!

    I don't have a sister, so I never understood the relationship, but I have 4 brothers. Still not the same though!

  3. I have an older sister. She's 5 years older than I am and we are very close. After many, many, many years she now lives 2½ hours away from me and I am still astounded that I can visit her whenever I want! We have a trip to Montreal February 1 and New York City in March. I can't wait to see the girls's been almost a year!! I think your sister is kind of crazy!

  4. What a great pic of your sister! I always wanted a sister- in fact, I remember spending my childhood begging my parents for one (no, not for a sibling, but for a sister specifically!) to no avail!
    Love your stories about how close Alice and Isla are! I think that's what I'm loving more and more about having twins- just watching how much love they have for each other and how considerate they are of one another (most of the time!!). I can't wait to see their relationship develop over the years!

    1. that would be quite funny, having the girls beg for a sibling!

  5. I have an older sister - we're five years apart - and we are so different! She's incredibly practical (when they moved this past fall, she boxed up two of her three pairs of high heels and mailed them to me!), introverted, super crazy smart (she's finishing up her phD in mathematics this year while juggling her first baby). I was always more outgoing, more interested in pop culture, fashion, and design, more 'flighty' even. We never got along when we were kids, but now, even though the differences are definitely still there, they just don't matter in the same way they used to. My sister is now one of my best friends. I talk to her every single day. I tell her pretty much everything!

    Thanks for this post!

  6. Well, I've got a sister. She's four years older and she writes this blog. Growing up, I used to tell my little friends at school that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. They would laugh at me, until they saw her- then they believed me. I always loved how she dressed and wished for the kind of grace she has. As an actor, I make people laugh for a living, but it's only my sisters laugh that sends a thrill to my heart that it has since we were kids and I thought it my duty to make her smile.When I look at Alice and Isla, I see the budding love and sisterhood between them and it melts me. But at the same time I hope that they get the other benefit of a sibling- how they challenge you to be better, how they can be the best mirror in the world when you really need to see yourself clearly.
    ...and PS I was like the most UNDERDRESSED person at GaGa! But I love me some sparkly shorts.
    Thanks for the post Ash, had a good cry, love you so much.


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