Clairsonic, Eminence + Argan Oil... current skin care attempt

Oh acne, how I loathe thee. Big life changes for me tend to lead to big skin changes.

The latest and not so greatest big life change... the end of the boob, or breastfeeding to be specific. I stopped back in December and part of me knew this was coming. I mean it always happens and my skin was way too good during pregnancy and while I was breastfeeding. I saw the writing on the wall.

and voila, I went from clear to definitely not clear in a matter of weeks

and believe me over the span of my thirty years, if it exists, I have tried it, I have taken in, I have bought it

from creams, to meds, lots and lots of meds (antibiotics for 10+ years, accutane for 2+ years (horrible, terrible, awful stuff that I was apparently resistant to), elimination diets, hormone suppressants... been there done that.

this time around, I am sticking to what is healing, what is nice to my skin (read no chemicals, no perscription meds).

My routine:

morning: clairsonic, eminence mineral cleansing concentrate, eminence rosehip tonic, Kahina argan oil, eminence eight greens whipped moisturizer.
night: eminence mineral cleansing concentrate, eminence rosehip tonic, eminence clear skin probiotic mask (a small amount all over my face), and eminence eight greens whipped moisturizer.

I purchased a Clairsonic Mia 2 just over a month ago. I went for the Mia 2 because the full Clairsonic is just too costly and the Mia 2 does have a couple of advantages over the Mia. One being that the Mia 2 has a timer (so you know how long to spend on each part of your face when you use it) and it comes with a two year warranty instead of a one year (which is what you will get with the Mia). The only negative I can think with not going for the more expensive option is that you don't get a stand to put it in with the Mia 2.

How I use it: I use it once a day even though the instructions advise you to use it twice. A local organic skin confectionary told me that once is wonderful and twice is way too much so I am going with that.

Eminence: I love these products. I used them before I was pregnant and into my pregnancy but stopped when my skin was great since the products are quite expensive and my skin seemed to be happy with a less costly organic alternative. Now I am back and I don't plan on leaving. I have learned my lesson once and a little bit of each product really does seem to go a long way.

Argan Oil: I was a total skeptic believe me. Oil on a face that is breaking out like a hormonal teenager didn't exactly sit well with me. In fact, when the lovely woman working at Oresta suggested I take home a sample, I flat out refused. Then I went back and had a facial, they put that stuff on my face and I could not believe how not-red it was afterwards. I left with a sample and it has only been a few days but I am hooked. Of course I cringed when I realized that the full sized bottle is $98 but this stuff really could be a little acne miracle in a bottle.

so there you have it, my skin care please make this hormonal shit go away because I do not like getting carded at the liquor store because I can't possibly be thirty with skin like this routine.

happy thursday!


  1. I haven't heard of these products, but I am intrigued. My skin was always as dry as a crocodile until recently when it became bumpy, pimply and dry? Is that what I get for living 27 years with hardly any pimples? The problem is... I've never tried any acne/skin products... so I'm lost!
    Ps. have you been watching the Bachelor? I've been yelling at my tv...

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  2. I used to work for a dermatologist and we carried the Eminence line- LOVE IT!!!

  3. Absolutely love your blog. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful product with us.Jamaican Black Castor Oil

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  5. Thank you, but this stuff really could be a little acne miracle in a bottle.
    Argan oil at Sephora

  6. I use Argan oil but not any of the other products, I want to give the hair mask a go, sounds like it helped your hair after bleaching and I have bleached hair too so it gets really dry. I would like to see more reviews from you if you want to do them more often.

  7. you would love the strawberry rhubarb dermafoliant :) amazing for acne! also the rosehip maize masque. I use all the same products you do (and more!) so think we have similar skin. Naseberry treatment cream for bedtime is the bomb - like having a facial while you sleep bc of the fruit acids. You will think it's too rich, but it's not! Like the argan oil - we need moisture...

  8. Are you still using the same skin care regimen until now? Can you please share with us some photos of your skin now? I’m interested because I want to try your regimen :)

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