unconventional valentines

in need of a valentine?
via Frankies Vintiques
via Katievaz
via Hairbrainedschemes

(my personal favourite... but in our case it would read: I LOVE YOU SO MUCH I WANT TO TAKE YOU TO THE FERTILITY CLINIC AND GET YOU PREGNANT)

Do you celebrate on Valentine's day? I like the day because it is an excuse to do something different, indulge a little, in the middle of this cold, way too snowy winter.

Our plan.... ordering burgers from five guys, making chocolate dipped strawberries and drinking a bottle of wine...

happy weekend!


  1. yes, we need the fertility clinic card for sure! And your night sounds fab.

  2. Your night sounds awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    I love the middle school pregnant one!!!! That applies to all the girls on Teen Mom!

  3. Ha! These are adorable! I love finding new Etsy shops, I could spend hours browsing :)

  4. Love these! I saw a valentine with a skeleton on it that read "I'd bone you". It's my new favourite.
    Your night sounds lovely - enjoy!!


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