I have been busy, really busy, the I need a bottle of wine type busy and I have been sick which I loathe. So tonight, we are going out to dinner. It is time to feel like a fully functional human again.

Isla and Alice have been busy growing. Alice is sooo tall and they both seem so grown up... I am good with this... And I am. I am not even letting myself go in to the ..oh god they are getting so damn big I can't handle it. Nope, I will not go there.

I find myself looking at my husband and thinking shit, I was so right when I was thirteen. He has been ridiculously supportive and encouraging lately. And I love him, love him, love him.

I read Avoiding Commitment and Avoiding Responsibility last week. The first book was the most frustrating book I have ever laid eyes on. So frustrating in fact that I was compelled to read the next book, determined that it could only get better. I was right. It was better.

Now I am reading Hopeless and so far, I am hooked.

Lastly, I am loving both of these outfits and wondering if a) I have anywhere to wear a turquoise pencil skirt and b) if I could pull off hightops without looking like a teenager.


Happy weekend!



  1. Love all of the pictures!

    I am with you on the growing up thing. A super small part of me is sad that Avery is getting bigger and I will never have a baby again. BUT I am so happy about the little person she is becoming and love watching her grow and interact and learn, so I get over it quickly. It's probably easier for me though, since I didn't love the baby stage as much as a lot of people!

    You could probably pull off the high tops, they are cute on the right person!!!!

  2. I tried to comment before and it obviously didn't take...what a couple of adorable little monkeys!!! You all look so happy.

  3. I love my wedge high tops and I'm 35! The comfort of trainers but with heels! What's not to love?


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