Bachelor, week three

I wonder how early they have to be up, i'm thinking like 8, any guesses?

Leslie m gets the first one on one

I like her so I'm actually wanting to watch this part. I like her dress... wait scratch that... I like the front. The back seem to be lacking for what they are actually doing. sean's dad set a Guinness world record... interesting. and cue the longest on screen kiss. we're wondering how hard this actually is. i mean you can make out for over 3 minutes no problem and be kissing that entire time.. we're wondering how you don't laugh with a slew of people watching, this officiant is intense, andrew's worried about breathing. Andrew: i couldn't breath, i can't breath through my nose, you'd kill me, death by suffocation

and it begins... and she's laughing, we think that the longest french kiss would be easier. andrew: what's the rule for that one, tongue must always be in mouth? okay maybe the backless dress was a good idea after all. a little more physical contact can't hurt the mouth cramp, and they did it.

i like sean's toast - setting records with the only girl he wants to set records with.

group date is going to be a 12 on one. count. me. out.

preview to the group date. andrew: someone's going to pop a fake boob doing that

product placement bikinis, i am so disappointed

the game is a train-wreck, have they ever played volleyball before?

and the losing team has to go home.

they are back at the mansion and STILL crying. oh ladies

substitute teacher sounds like she's 13. sean is throwing out a lot of "see where this will go"

cindy: look, he's using his hands (in the kiss) go arie!

back up sean, do not use the word LOVE under any circumstance until that final rose/ring has been given out.

next date card comes - and the girl who read it faked that selma was on there too, bitch move

crazy Amanda has some on one time - do not open with "if we were to get married"

desiree is acting a little too in charge for my liking

and kacie b is going to taddle... never a good idea. i feel like i've been punched in the face... REALLY... nobody likes a snitch kacie b, nobody. Sean: why are you saying something to me? oh kacie... you just bought yourself a plane ticket home. yay sean: i want you to act like the person i know, not like this crazy person, well said sean.

lindsay (substitute teacher) gets the rose. good for her.

tierra fell down the stairs i think just as sean arrives.. her reaction to the paramedics was a little crazy. she refuses to go to the hospital. and now she's all smiles outside on a couch with sean. and ashley is waiting for sean for her date. tierra's awful, he doesn't see it. god.

On the one on one. I think it's such a nice change from the flashy dates. She was adopted at six and she wants to adopt...and not a baby, and he's down. Her story is pretty crazy, such a positive one. And she gets the rose.

okay not sure what to make of this gesture: sean flys her dog in. now yeah it's cute but i immediately think of this crazy frantic dog on an airplane... and now i am wondering, is the dog staying or is he shipped right back home?

desiree is kind of getting to me.

kacie b's dress is way short

rose ceremony: sean pulls kacie aside, he's sending her home. lesson: don't snitch

and then there were 13.

did you watch?


  1. I don't know what kacie was thinking. What she was saying didn't even make sense! I think it's so cute your hubby watches with you. Mine won't. I don't like Sean's toast about breaking records, if she's not the final one (which I don't think she is) how will his final one feel? I think either next week or week after whoever is the final girl will get a one on one. I also thought the card was funny. As for her falling down the stairs, real or not I'm lot sure. I do feel for her I wouldn't have wanted to go to the hospital either. Hmmm that's all I got.

  2. Love it!

    Yea, Kacie should have thought that out a bit better, she was too big for her britches!!!!

    I am with you on the crying, really, this is the most important volleyball game of your life, really?

    Also, Sean has been saying love alot. Seriously, where can it go from here if you have told at least three girls that you love something about them?

  3. I don't understand why girls always rat each other out... there's a specific formula for tattling... you have to be secure with a rose already, have an actual story to tell that involves you, and you only speak of it ONCE. As soon as Kacie B. said something, I knew it was the end.
    I know I'm behind... but I'll catch up! Hope you've had a great week :)

  4. loved this, duh. and yeah, i was reaaaaally unimpressed w/ kacie b.


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