a day in the life of

my life these days is filled with little girls, laughing, chasing, spinning, messes, snotty noses, teething, running, loving my life is a perpetual routine

it begins at 5:30 am and ends somewhere around 10 pm my day... not theirs

I have stuck to my getting up early plan and am usually up by 5:30 I…

the weekend I was supposed to be a woman

A few weeks ago my phone rang. It was mid morning and I was doing my usual mid morning thing... chasing after three 1.5 year olds. My parents were on the line, both of them and they sounded a bit funny... in a good way. They proceeded to inform me that they were sending Andrew and I away over night…

well hello there

You might think that I have been in hiding.

Maybe I have.

Or maybe we had a mad case of the stomach flu + an escape to montreal that wasn't + a side order of colds all around.

That's what we had, what we've been living and I would be lying if I said that it didn't suck... because b…