a day in the life of

my life these days
is filled with little girls, laughing, chasing, spinning, messes, snotty noses, teething, running, loving
my life is a perpetual routine

it begins at 5:30 am and ends somewhere around 10 pm
my day... not theirs

I have stuck to my getting up early plan and am usually up by 5:30
I usually do a yoga video, but sometimes I just park my butt on the couch downstairs and read
Sometimes I cook something (okay like twice ever)
Sometimes I try to write... but at 5:30... my brain just tells me no
Usually I eat
and lately I have been eating this

quinoa boiled with cinnamon sticks + unsweetened coconut + banana + flax seeds + blueberries (added a day after I took this pic) + brown sugar (also added the next day) + unsweetened almond milk
the first time I had it I had to repeat... it's good, it's good, it's good for me!?
the second day I gave myself a break and added the brown sugar and blueberries
now it actually is good and mostly good for me
tip: cook it ahead and refrigerate it (1 cup uncooked gets me four days of breakfasts)
tip: do not give it to your nineteen month old's without supervising them closely... you will be picking it off the floor for an hour

fast forward to 7 am. I have usually showered and am busy getting ready. Andrew wakes up the girls and gets them dressed
7:15ish am we're walking down the stairs and headed right for the highchairs
alice and isla breakfast time
some point before 8 am. breakfast over, cleanup hopefully over... eagerly await our daycare friend
doorbell rings, squeals all around
and off they go... playing their little hearts out
8:30ish diaper changes times three
9 am morning snack
whenever that's finished and the kitchen does not look like a disaster zone... outside we go!
now that the snow is showing signs of leaving us we are heading to a wet and messy park... but i will take it because spring... it's coming
10:30ish am we're back inside and diapers are getting changed once again
now is the part where I get to make lunch while simultaneously watching the three little ones empty toy after toy from every room on the main floor.
11:15ish am chow time
noonish... at this point on great days lunch is through and the floor does not show traces of a triple toddler food throwdown
on less than awesome days I remove toddlers from highchairs and bring them straight to the playroom, closing the gate on the mess that I will face once nap time commences
diapers times three
12:15ish pm we're upstairs, we're trying to climb into our cribs, we are ready for naptime
read a book, night night

me: big sigh
oh where to begin
the possibilities are endless... well not really
clean up, vaccuum maybe, fold laundry, make my own lunch, when did I last eat?... right 6 am
yoga... maybe, read... yes please

2:30 or 3:00ish pm and they're up!
waving byebye to our little friend
4ish pm shall we go to the park again or to the grocery store? or we could really live it up and head to starbucks
(cinnamon coffee cake is their fave)
4:45ish pm dinner time (theirs, not mine)
5ish pm Daddy's home (thank god)
5:30ish pm up up (translates to leave the kitchen in ruins and climb the stairs as fast as we can)
cue the sillies 
... running the hallway, stripping off their clothes... playing on mommy and daddy's bed
6ish pm bath time
this is daddy's department. he is the bath time guru and I put together diapers and clothes for the next morning and on good days also make headway on the mess that is our kitchen table / floor / frantically run around the house putting every toy away and removing all big toys from our main room
6:30 pm night night
6:31 pm glass of wine time
okay I am kidding
I wait a while longer for that

the evening... oh those are ours
this is where the army like routine ends

as long as the days can be
they never seem to feel like work

maybe it's the tutus

maybe I just tell never allow myself to think of it as work

either way, it's our life


  1. Oh my goodness. This post could make anyone want to be a stay at home mom. So adorable.

  2. I thought for SURE those weren't your girls in the first couple of pictures because they look too grown up. But then they turned around and there were their beautiful faces! Wow!

  3. Aww so sweet! Darn, now I want to stay home too...

  4. Love this post!! So I have a question.. How do you manage 3 toddlers at the park on your own?? Is it a toddler park? Is it fenced in? Do they stick together? When we take our two to the park they pretty much always go in different directions and love to climb to the top of the highest playground equipment where they could easily fall off without supervision...
    Also, I have to try that recipe- looks so yummy! Oh, and the little tutus at the window are totally framers- SO adorable!!!

  5. Your girls are adorable. I like the description of your daily routine. I can relate. We have four 2 year-old toddlers. Without routine...things would be crazy.

    : 0 ) Theresa (Capri + 3)


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