the weekend I was supposed to be a woman

A few weeks ago my phone rang. It was mid morning and I was doing my usual mid morning thing... chasing after three 1.5 year olds. My parents were on the line, both of them and they sounded a bit funny... in a good way. They proceeded to inform me that they were sending Andrew and I away over night and that they would be staying with Alice and Isla. I won't lie... my eyes... they got wet... from the almost tears that almost spilled. That night away, it would be my first since the girls were born.

Fast forward a week and a half.... Thursday morning... early. Enter the flu... the stomach flu... shit that sucked. But hey, it would only last 24 hours right.... right.... right.....


I got all mind-over-matter on myself and I was good right... right...

So Saturday morning came and off we went to Montreal.

We went for lunch... I tried to eat.  We window shopped. We headed to our hotel in old montreal. The Nelligan to be specific. The last time we stayed there was when I had just started our IVF protocol... more than two years ago.

Coles notes version. I almost simultaneously cried and puked during dinner out at Holder in old montreal. The nightclub across the street from the hotel kept us up until 4 am. Andrew got the flu on the way home.

Fun times had by all. 

clearly the universe was not prepared for my spending one night away from our girls... I get it... lesson learned.

and in my attempt to keep this mildly positive... here are the pictures... I don't even recall taking...

One surprise... there is now a White in old montreal. I have been to and love the White in Toronto. If you are getting married and live in this part of the world... go there.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. That sucks, I'm sorry! Glad you are feeling better now!

  2. I am very happy that you have spent such a good time. Also, I would like to notice that you have taken amazing pictures of the city and its buildings.


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