what happens when you don't blog for two months

first you feel guilty
then you miss it
then you just ignore the pull of the computer altogether
email... what's that?

then you do the following and try not to feel guilty about choosing it over everything else:

consume mass amounts of starbucks via ice coffee (don't try it unless you want to become an addict, you've been warned)
watch all the episodes of Homeland and then get mad because you have to wait until the fall to see more of it
attempt potty training
learn about a magical three day method and then stop what you are doing
feel your jaw drop open for the tenth time that day because one of your daughters has just said yet another new word
go to the park
go back to the park
maybe we should just live there
plan three vacations
one in which involves a week away with just your husband
take three weeks to actually click through to book that trip because does that make me a terrible mother?
order new bikinis because the ones you have will not work with this twelve year old body you seem to have developed post twins because I'll be damned if I don't look good while I do exactly nothing but lie on a chair and drink pina coladas for one week

do more yoga in the span of two months then you've done in the past year
crow headstand crow... I've missed you
run, gym, run
try my best to parent without the goal being to control... I will not try to control my children... I will not!
the type of cleaning where I am scrubbing at the floor on my hands and knees for the fourth time today
more cleaning because you get rid of your cleaning ladies now that you have more time to clean
lots and lots of reading
like a book every two days
the latest... The Sea of Tranquility... definitely worth reading

then you write 70 000 words give or take because a week before april started you decided to do camp nano
and still haven't finished a first draft
but i will

that's what I am thinking right now. I am on the computer... I should be writing not blogging
but I miss it
I wish I didn't because then I would still have more time for the everything else
but I do

I feel like I dropped half of me off back in March because blogging is almost like having two sides of you that you have to maintain
the everyday breathing, walking, parenting, wife-ing, daughter-ing and friend-ing you and then the virtual you
I miss all of you
and if you could just send me a synopsis of your life to my email once a week that would be fabulous
because then I might have a shot in actually getting to it
but I don't see that happening so I will have to make do
with not knowing, but hoping that everyone is off living 

and if you've made it this far well then good for you
now if you could just go and send me a quick email getting me up to date on your last two months that would be much appreciated!

(i am not kidding)


  1. I have a tendency to drop off the face of the blogging planet as well. Glad to get an update! I missed them. It's funny because I was just thinking about you and your blog this morning... Where do you do yoga?

  2. Glad you are doing so well!!!!!!

    Wow you are quite busy and loving life!

    I just read blogs mostly at this point, just to keep up out of interest, but honestly I just can't take the time to blog about myself and Avery anymore, it just takes too long to compose photos and tie something coherent together.

    Glad you are doing well!!!!

  3. Ohh those girls!! Ps even if your body is that of a 12 yr old your hair still looks ultra fantastic!!

  4. Have missed you blogging.
    Yay for accomplishing all the real-world stuff you have!

  5. oh, what a great post :) love your sense of humour. welcome back to blogging, hope to see more posts from you soon.


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