Two years ago today I didn't know you
either of you
all I knew was what I felt when I first saw you
how ridiculously amazing it felt to hear you and see your faces for the very first time
how nothing would ever come close to those two moments when we got to meet you
when we realized you looked nothing alike
when we saw how perfect you each were
I had no idea what life would be like now
now I have no idea what life will be like even tomorrow
people ask me if my life is crazy, how do we manage twins
the truth is that there is simply no intent to manage
instead I try with all that I can to just live and let you each soak right into me
I don't need to manage when I feel your hugs, your little hands patting my back and your endless supply of kisses
Alice you make me laugh, so very hard. Most of the time I will admit that it was at you because you are simply entertaining. You know what you want and often how to get it. You can focus on one thing like you were meant to do it and you can be such a very big ham.
Isla you are soft but not at the same time. When you screamed your loudest and then followed it up with exclaiming noise at the top of your lungs, I laughed so hard and knew that I shouldn't. But really, if you did that every day, no part of me thinks I would regret that first laugh.
Today we are apart, but just for a few hours.
Just know that I am thinking about you both, and remembering what it was like two years ago today and relishing in what it is like right this very second.
xoxo mommy


  1. such sweetness. Happy birthday, beautiful girls, and a warm, happy birth day to mama.

  2. Ahh they are getting so big! Hope they had a wonderful birthday!


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