Found! Round Shelf's Budget Alternative

This bedroom was love at first sight for me. It's small, it's cosy but not at all cluttered and that bed has me wanting to climb in, clothes and all and just nap away the afternoon... and I don't nap... not ever... not even when I had newborn twins and survived on three hours of sleep a night. Point made... moving on.

via SF Girl By Bay

One of the things I first noticed was that strange little shelving system, looking all organic in it's naked plywood finish. The round seems to soften the angles in the rest of the room and so I of course clicked through to Fern Living to see how much we were talking. $219 is the price and it's really not bad. I mean if I was buying one thing to add to an existing room, I could swallow that but when you sell all of your furniture on a craigslist equivalent, $219 is just too steep for one shelf.

Enter Ikea Hackers..

The Ikea PS 2015 Tray is 14" in diameter and is indeed a smaller option to Fern Living's offering. This is a hack so a little diying is involved, but for the price of $10 plus a little more for the shelves, it's far more affordable and may just take up residence in our new home. See the full details here.


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