Lake Placid, NY 12946, USA

Camping in lake placid

How long does it take you to relax when you go on vacation? Normally, I'm about five minutes in and I am good, pass the cocktail it's time to forget about the ongoing stream of to dos. This past weekend we headed to Lake Placid to meet up with my parents and it wasn't until our last morning there that I felt that sense of freedom.

I think the culprit may be the whole in transition phase we are in right now. Between homes. Big changes and all that. Or maybe it was the fact that I forget the spaghetti sauce that I cooked all afternoon the day before. Lake Placid was a two part deal, the first being a nice post move getaway and the second being a method to collect a whole bunch of kitchen stuff we ordered from the States.

We camped at the KOA Lake Placid, in a trailer I should add given that it was freezing Friday night and we actually bundled Alice up like a mummy just for a quick five minute "dark walk" as she likes to call it.  The campground itself was great, super clean, rustic lodge that served hot waffles and not too far away from the town itself.

Maybe it's that camping has changed, something Andrew and I talked about that last morning. Camping used to be all about finding remote sites, lots of privacy, lots of nature. We didn't care if we had to pee in a privy, had no running water and definitely no electricity. Now it's less about nature and all about the amenities. It's a different sort of camping and as convenient as it is, it doesn't feel the same.

These two loved every minute of it and love camping in any form. All dinner talk centres on camping, no matter the season at home. Thinking back to the weekend I wish I'd let myself relax sooner. It's just hard when your brain goes kitchen, furniture, kitchen, furniture, rugs... repeat.. repeat.

We took in the gorge on Sunday morning and it was such a tease. It was pretty, I'll give it that but it only made me want more... as in a much tougher hike with an ocean below.

Maybe next time we just need to stay longer.

That sounds like a plan...

Lake Placid Musts:
We stopped into The Bookstore Plus since we forgot to pack books (oh the horrors) and they had a display of banned books outside... did you know that Hunger Games was one of them right up there with Fifty Shades...
Ere's Pizza was pretty darn good but the take out from Villa Vespa  was my favourite, it definitely saved the whole sauce fiasco.