11 Spring Things

I preemptively spoke of warmer temps this week and am currently single handedly harbouring the blame for continued forever winter. So I thought I would do a little exercise I like to call fake it till you make it and summon spring with all the hope and sandal desperation that reside inside of me.

Also a little note on the number eleven. I seem to gravitate towards multiples of eleven and while I was pregnant with Benjamin, every time I looked at the time a 22, 33, 55... you get the point... would stare back at me. It was odd and yet here I am, drawn to that strange time (who am I kidding, I am grasping at anything that reminds me of the time I carried our baby).

So here goes, eleven things to coax spring into coming just a little bit sooner:

I bought this book at a local garage sale last spring after picking it up and putting it down at least five times at our local Indigo. And then I used it to style our living room bookshelf for several more months until I finally pulled it out and cracked open its pages. I think I was avoiding the rape to be honest - but I am so glad I pushed past that resistance because being back on the PCT trail is where I want to be right now. This thru hike memoire has to be my favourite yet. (and I devour thru hiking memories because I want to do one, someday)

Pre-emptively transitioning into my spring skin care routine means ditching my heavy cleanser for this one. Don't worry, I'm hanging onto my BHA lotion until melting season officially begins.

This hair might need to happen shortly. Am I the only who who switches up hair colour by season? Also, my sister Stephanie swears by this hair cream year round and I just ordered a bottle!

When in doubt, acquire a new houseplant (and then give it a name!). Right now my favourites include my calathea, fiddle leaf fig and the plant that cannot be named hanging right next to our giant fiddle leaf fig.

50 Stay at home date night ideas for college students is totally applicable to married, in your 30s, with 3 kids and 2 cats life right? I definitely want to do number 19...

I just want to pull on this button front midi skirt and a white tank and wander outside in sandals (chilled glass of resiling on hand of course).

High waisted bikinis are a mamas best friend - or at least they're this mama's best friend. My finger is currently hovering over this one.

I'm still thinking about this episode of Modern Love and if you're in a relationship of any sort, it's worth a listen - and no it's not exactly spring infused but this time of year is a time for ruts, weather ruts, life ruts and relationship ruts, and this episode might just pull you out of one.

Aelfie has graced our living room for four whole years in the form of a colourful striking rug and now she's built and designed a home like no other. It's bright and beautiful and will definitely inspire some colourful pinning sessions.

This brought a smile to my face.

When was the last time you tried a new coffee shop in your town? Ben, my mom and I tried a new-to-us oatmeal bar recently and it was so nice to be somewhere different in a city that I've lived in my entire life. If there's a new place where you live, take your babies or yourself and go try it out. Or if you live in Ottawa, mark your calendars for late spring and come and visit the coffee shop that I am currently designing!

What reminds you of spring?