A Neutral Family Bath Week 3 of the One Room Challenge

It's the third week of the One Room Challenge already and this week I'm going to walk you through some of the fun design details we are adding / trying to decide on, some of the construction details that will really personalize this space and a micro sconce roundup for minimal space, maximum impact bathroom lighting!

First, here are some details that I am working through. I was really hoping to have everything decided on by now but I've always found deciding on design decisions for our home so much more difficult than making decisions for someone else's space.

Neutral Family Bath Accessories

Anthropologie Ellie Towel Ring / West Elm Dashed Lines Hand Towel / CB2 Half Moon Pulls  / Schoolhouse Thomas Hook / Urban Outfitters Corin Toilet Paper Holder / Concrete Raw Drawer Knobs / Linen Shower Curtain Inspiration Image

I really want the final bathroom to be light and airy and warm. We have a lot of white planned on the walls (tiles and paint), so I want to make sure the space doesn't feel clinical or stark by bringing in warm wood tones and some brass and black (in small doses). While I never love the idea of buying a matching set of anything, I do find it hard when it comes to brass and how different one manufacturer's brass can look from another. For this reason I am nervous to do brass pulls and a brass towel ring and a brass toilet paper roll and brass micro wall sconces. So what you see above is me working through the hesitation by considering concrete pulls and a certain toilet paper holder instead of going all brass everywhere. 

Also, Andrew said this tonight which is another driving force behind the hesitation:

If we have multiple colours of brass, I am going to lose my shit - so pick at your own peril.

As a reminder, we are going with this overall design plan for our One Room Bathroom Challenge:

Okay sticking this reminder here has me now feeling way more confident in the ceramic toilet paper holder and the concrete pulls because I just don't think this neutral plan can handle that much brass. (But I do still love the half-moon shape of the brass pulls so if anyone wants to chime in and help me with this decision, I would appreciate it).

Next up is lighting and I have excited to report that it is all roughed in and ready (for drywall and then tiling and then actual installation of the lights) - so yeah, we're almost there...

Since lighting was an area that was actually a very easy decision (and one of the jumping off points for our design plan, I put together a little lighting round-up in hopes of helping anyone in search of the perfect brass micro wall sconce. 

Brass Micro Sconce Roundup:

Hudson Valley Lighting Taft (This was our RUNNER UP choice and it's just so pretty) / Hudson Valley Lighting Guthrie / Light Cookie Annie / Spark and Bell Arc / Southern Lights TN Luna / Hudson Valley Lighting Baird (This is THE ONE!)

And now onto the construction details. The closet built-in shelving nook has gone from this:

To this:

I am so excited about this little detail because as much as I love a good floating shelf, I love anything with the words "built-in" even more! I can't wait to get the wood shelves in and styled once this is all mudded, sanded, primed and painted!

We also made progress on getting most of the cement board up in the tub/shower surround (and by we I almost always mean Andrew since he is singlehandedly handling 99.99% of this reno himself.

One of the details I love about this shower is the built-in shelf Andrew added. We had one in our former shower surround but it was smaller and nothing close to centered on the wall. This time we plan on using a solid piece of stone as the bottom shelf of the nook.

That's it for this week. I am pretty exhausted and a little bit over having to go to the basement to use the tiny washroom down there but I am trying to stay positive. All of this work and research and detail choosing will be worth it when this challenge is thru!

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