One Room Challenge Week 4: Behind the walls excitement

It's week 4 of The One Room Challenge already and things are feeling a little panicky over here. When I signed us up for this challenge I had zero things prepared, nothing ordered and a rough idea of what I wanted in terms of design in the form of my Pinterest board. I remember reaching out to The Sweet Beast and asking her for her One Room Challenge advice. She told me crying was okay. At the time, I thought that crying over an online challenge was ridiculous but now I totally see how that could happen. I've also since read advice that includes things like never start with something complicated like a bathroom (Oops) and make sure to plan and order before the challenge starts (Oops). So I've decided we could proceed in one of two ways. We could stress and agonize over things potentially not arriving on time and missing the deadline OR we could just do what we can, order everything so we know it's coming and remind ourselves that as long as it is finished soon, it's not the end of the world if everything isn't perfect on the 6 week mark.

Now that I've gotten that out... on to the updates!

Okay okay, things that happen behind the walls aren't abundantly exciting (once they're closed up) but believe me, there is a certain thrill at watching your husband successfully plumb in all of the copper piping (after watching several enlightening youtube videos). That moment when he turned the water back on and our daughter Isla and I watched and waited (and crossed our fingers and toes) was pretty damn satisfying.

When we first started this project and I asked Andrew whether he was up to the wall mounted faucets I'd already picked out, it took him a while to come around. Of course me being the designer and him being the reality maker - put us at opposing ends but I am so happy he was up to the challenge (and succumbed to my hopes and vision for the space).

While I don't have a full DIY post prepared on how to replicate the plumbing for our two faucets, feel free to ask any questions in the comments and I will be sure to have the engineer / contractor / husband respond.

In other exciting news, we (Andrew) also reinforced the supporting wall to ensure we have sufficient support for our Ikea Godmorgan double vanity and our calacatta stone countertop. Typical Ikea countertops for this specific vanity are quite a bit lighter than an actual stone countertop so we opted to go with a 2cm counter and to reinforce the supporting walls. Calacatta was a tough decision. We were also considering concrete and while I love the look of concrete quartz - I feared I would get tired of it. Where as I know I will always love marble.

Now that the plumbing is done we (Andrew) will be closing up the walls and starting on the pretty details (YAY).

Current To-Do List:

  • Pick up tile order 
  • Order Towel Ring OR Bar (I still can't decide... help me decide)
  • Order Wall Hooks (Love these but hoping to find something a little less pricey)
  • Order Drawer Pulls (Maybe these ones)
  • Source Wood that matches our Semihandmade Tahoe Vanity Doors for our floating shelves
  • Order Toilet Paper Holder
  • Source Baskets for the shelves
  • Find really pretty unique thrift store finds to strategically style the bathroom (I wish I was kidding but I am totally doing this tomorrow with Ben)
  • Find a linen shower curtain
  • Do not lose mind over every detail

Now I'm off to check out all of the other participants of the One Room Challenge (maybe they'll have some bath details I can borrow...)