How much did our bathroom renovation cost?

When we bought our 80s bungalow in a tiny village on the outskirts of Ottawa I made the decision to ignore the bathroom. I mean the theme was brown on brown on brown and the grout was cracked and the linen closet wasn't even drywalled in a straight line. But we had fully gut the kitchen, painted the entire house and bought a ton of new furniture. Did I mention I also wasn't working at the time?

So the bathroom had to wait. And honestly, I thought this renovation would have to wait for at least another five years. But then I got a message on Instagram from one of my Instagram friend - Joanna of Joanna Anastasia - asking me if I was participating in the One Room Challenge. It was March 29th. The One Room Challenge started two days later.

In case you missed this project, here is the before and then the full reveal of our One Room Challenge Neutral Family Bathroom project.

My thoughts fell in the following order: No way, we can't afford it, but Wayfair just said yes to a collaboration, maybe other brands will say yes, maybe Andrew will be up for tackling the entire thing on his own, maybe he will be awesome at tiling. Yes, yes this is feasible. Signing up now.

Later that night I crawled into bed and casually asked if maybe Andrew would be up to the challenge. I mean we were given a decent budget from Wayfair to begin with so could we really afford to pass up this opportunity? He said yes with very little convincing.

And then began the pitching mission which can only be described as a hilarious shit show of me pitching any brand I thought might work (starting with the brands I already knew and trusted), and following a good pitching regime (that I share over here) I pulled it together.

So now that I've been completely open about how we were able to afford such a large renovation with zero money saved for it, I am going to break down the cost of materials (because labour was free), for you in hopes that it will give you an idea of what a bathroom renovation will cost you.

Want to see the IGTV version, here it is! (Or skip down to see the full written break down.

Bathroom Reno Budget Breakdown: I'm touring our family bathroom that we renovated for the One Room Challenge last spring and getting real on how much it all cost. ↑ This video is for anyone contemplating a bathroom renovation and wondering how much to budget (or just take our lead and don't plan it and then pull it together in six short insane weeks of DIYs). Full cost breakdown and product source list is here on my blog: linked in my profile and today in a swipe-up in my stories). Sources for our bathroom renovation include: @deltafaucetcan @semihandmade @wayfair @hudsonvalleylighting @ceragres @ikeacanada • #calmlychaoticathome #bathroominspo #oneroomchallenge #doingneutralright #apartmenttherapy #theeverygirlathome #sodomino #igtvchannel #bathroomdesign #habitandhome #igtvcommunity #igtvtutorial
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Here goes.

8" Towel Bar from June Home Supply: $30
Toilet Roll Holder from June Home Supply: $30
Umbra Hub Mirror from Wayfair: $244.13
Delta Trinsic Wall Mounted Faucets from Wayfair: $222.90 x2
Delta Rough in valves for Wall Mounted Faucets from Wayfair: $189.99 x2
Baird Wall Sconces from Hudson Valley Lighting: $224 x2
Wall Tile (96.8 sf x $4.59): $444.31
Terrazzo Floor Tile from Ceragres (46.5 sf x $7.99): $371.53
Black 2 Arm Hook From CB2: $11.92 x5 59.60
Brass Bin Pulls From CB2: $25.95 x4 103.80
Glass Vanity Tray from Crate and Barrel: $16.95
Delta H2Okinetic In2ition 4-Setting Two-in-One Shower: $236.43
MultiChoice Universal Tub / Shower Rough - Universal Inlets / Outlets: $115.99
Delta Trinsic Monitor 14 Series Tub & Shower Trim $163.45
Impression line drawer fronts in Tahoe Semihandmade doors for Ikea cabinets $409.44
Ikea Godmorgon Vanity  :$249
Ikea Horvik Sinks: $130 x2
Remnant Quartz Calacatta Countertop: $400
Remnant Quartz Calacatta Shelf for Shower Nook: $75
Aria Lite Floor Vent : $25
Toilet by American Standard from Lowes Canada: $314
Hornen Shower Curtain Rod from Ikea: $12.99
Floating Shelves: $100 for wood

Drywall and Drywall Compound: $150
Ditra Tile membranes: $150
Cement Board: $100
Wood: $50
Copper Pipe and Fittings: $100
Fasteners: $50
Paint: $100
Grout: $60
Misc. Electrical: $60
Tiling Accessories (edging, spacers, tools): $100
New Exhaust Fan: $50

Bringing the grand total cost of our bathroom renovation to $5,845.40

Now, what the renovation actually cost us was significantly less due to the amazing brand collaborations I was so fortunate to take part in and a few designer discount items.

Keep in mind that this total does not include any sort of design fee, any plumber, electrician or general contractor fee and any shipping or taxes on any of the above sourced items.

Happy bathroom renovating!


  1. seriously this is great! I love that you shared this. I need to get planing asap, but I cant wait to see what you're going to do next!

    Stephanie Vainer | a learning story blog

    1. I'm so glad you found this helpful Stephanie! Excited to see what you come up with! (And you know who to call if you need any help).


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