One Room Challenge Reveal!

Okay you might be expecting to see our finished neutral family bathroom because it is Sunday and 30 minutes until the deadline of the One Room Challenge but the truth is, you will have to wait a little longer. You see, I decided mid deadline panic last week that I would much rather have the bathroom of our dreams, then a bathroom completed in six weeks. So no, it isn't ready. We are waiting on our quartz countertops and are at a complete standstill as all of the other necessary work and supplies have been completed and received. Instead I will update you today on what went down last week and then I will come back and really update this post when it is all finished and styled and perfect as I hope it will be.

Last week we received our terrazzo tile shipment and installed it with a little help. It immediately brightened the room and made it feel a heck of a lot bigger. Going forward I am going to keep this newfound room expanding information in my back pocket of design knowledge because I cannot get over the visual impact.

We also ordered and received a towel bar, toilet paper holder and several accessories that I can't wait to style in our new floating shelves (which should be installed very soon).

You may be wondering what that gorgeous little rectangle is with the piece of tile inside of it. Well my friend Heather recently introduced me to a Canadian company called Aria Vent that makes a non ugly vent cover.

While our contractor was installing our terrazzo tile flooring, he cut a rectangular piece of tile to fit into the open space in part of the vent as pictured above. He then filled the bottom of the opening with mortar and pressed the tile into the top of the opening. We flipped it upside down and removed the excess mortar that pressed through the two little holes in the back and then allowed it to dry.

Now, what would have been an unsightly vent in the middle of the room, is something we hardly notice. This is another thing that I will definitely be carrying forward into client design projects in the future.

This week I also got to take the best trip to a local favourite store of mine called Terra20. Terra20 carries amazing products that make healthy living easy. This is the equivalent to a toy store in my books and I could easily spend half a day in there wandering the aisles and trying to decide what to pick out. This time I picked out a few of our favourites along with some new products that I will be sharing on my Instagram Stories and in the reveal post.

Another exciting thing that happened this week was the arrival of our Semihandmade doors which are fully assembled on our Ikea Godmorgan double vanity which is currently awaiting final installation.

Even though we aren't finishing on time, I am still so grateful to be a part of the One Room Challenge and cannot wait to get the full reveal up as soon as we are finished! Now go check out the other (hopefully finished) One Room Challenge projects!

In case you missed it, here is our One Room Challenge design plan from week 1, along with week 2, week 3, week 4 and week 5.