#OneRoomChallenge Week 7 // How to Install Wallpaper

Okay I keep picture someone announcing One Room Challenge in the Time of Covid like one would if say you were announcing the nominees for best picture at the Oscars... serious... yet compelling... not unlike the current predicament I find myself in - 30 minutes until the link up for this week shuts down. I never leave deadlines like this.

But here is the thing that I keep reminding myself of. This is not normal. Shipments are still in transit, I can't just go to a store and pick things up and I have three children home full time with me and have for at least a century at this point.

So I am giving myself grace. I had wild plans of a beautifully edited wallpaper video but we're missing parts for our new door hardware so the doors aren't painted yet and excuse me while I cringe at a half finished project. I just can't make lemonade out of bad lemons.

If you're still with me I will take a positive turn. We did many things this past week. We painted one door, we installed two beautiful Hudson Valley Lighting Lettie flushmounts and we ordered a gorgeous mirror. So here's a quick peak and yes a video. Perhaps not the polished video I dreamed of but it features my Dad (and today is father's day so that seems fitting), as well as the most beautiful wallpaper from York Wallcoverings designed by Aviva Stanoff.

The plan breakdown:

  1. Done // Rip out the tile and replace sub flooring and tile
  2. Partially Done // Paint doors and panelling
  3. Done // Wallpaper
  4. Done // Replace lighting
  5. Done // (Ordered a mirror with built in shelf instead) Build a console table
  6. Replace door hardware
  7. Done // Add new rugs
  8. Done // Refinish staircases and add runners
  9. Add accessories

Wonderful partnerships that are making this renovation possible:

I am so grateful to the following brand partnerships that are supporting this One Room Challenge project!

Hudson Valley Lighting // Loloi Rugs // Clare Paints // York Wallcoverings // Emtek

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