Entryway Reveal! Week 8 of the One Room Challenge

While I refuse to limit myself by defining my personal style or creating rooms based around themes if ever there was a time to put words to a space our new entryway would bring forth the Golden Girls meets Scandinavian minimalism.

It's Saturday afternoon, I'm sitting in our mid refresh screened in patio - one day shy of the extended One Room Challenge deadline feeling like I am about to unleash our new baby into the world. It's exciting and terrifying. I guess all that really matters is that every time I walk through our entrway I am filled with joy but I would be lying if I didn't admit that I want you to love it too. This is not a space I've seen before. The colours are not something I've used and somehow this project felt like way more work then fully gutting our bathroom for last year's one room challenge.

Okay, enough preamble... here goes nothing:

How's that for a dose of personality! I am in love with every detail. The first piece that inspired this makeover was the Endless Summer wallpaper by York Wallcoverings designed by Aviva Stanoff. I love the turquoise hues and the dashes of metallics and pinks.  My Dad meticulously installed the wallpaper and you can see his process in last week's post linked here. Here's the reminder of what this looked like before just in case you're new here:

I mean I love a good white backdrop but this was too much white combined with the worst tile floors.

I picked paint online by holding our wallpaper sample up to the screen. I like to live on the edge I know. We picked Clare Paints Good Jeans and the match is unbelievable. My Mom described this blue as the perfect subdued blue and I would have to agree. It packs major colour but is not at all overwhelming or harsh the way some saturated colours can be.

We used the trim paint on all of the panelling, doors and trim and it went on very smoothly and covered very well. Everything shown has two coats.

Another piece that really feels key to this space is the Pool Bends White polaroid work by She Hit Pause Studios. I've been a long time fan of Matt's and have Girl with Airplane in our bedroom. Matt is offering a discount to my followers for his new collection which you can find here. Use code friendsofashley to save 30%.

Andrew totally outdid himself on this entire project and one of my favourite DIYS (can I even call it that when it looks this good??) is the maple bench he crafted. Andrew designed the bench and then spent all of father's day building it. He divided the space underneath into three areas so that each of our children can have their own dedicated basket (sanity savers are important). The process is saved in my Instagram ORC highlight if you're curious.

Andrew also made this peg rail. It spans the entire length of the bench and we hung it quite high this time around so that snowpants don't drag on it come winter (it should be noted that I feel saying the word snowpants in Ottawa in July should be strictly forbidden). I pondered over painting the rail or leaving it wood but in the end I'm so glad I painted it using Good Jeans by Clare Paint again.

Our Lettie flushmounts by Hudson Valley Lighting were the perfect choice for this space. We already had the ceiling medallions installed and wanted something pretty yet minimal since this isn't a large space. I love the brass tops and the generous opaque bulbs.

The one funny thing about our entryway is that it is also our laundry area. The challenge was to make this space pretty enough that one wouldn't care (or notice) that laundry is present. I added a print by Canadian photographer Alexa Mazzarello to the space along with some plants and some functional details like baskets and soap.

The hardware got a major overhaul and this was my first time working with Emtek for myself. I've used their hardware on client sites and the quality is amazing. We chose to go with their satin brass finish for two of our doors and then we chose a split finish for our front door which meant we used two different finishes (and I love this customization option so much)! The lever above is the Aston Lever in Satin Brass with the square rosette.

This is the Ares Tubular Entry Set by Emtek shown on the exterior of our front door painted in Railings by Farrow and Ball. You can see the interior of our front door in the picture below with the satin brass finish and the Aston Lever. Beside it, on our garage door is the Aston Lever in Satin Brass with the square rosette.

I talked about our new herringbone floors extensively in earlier weeks posts but one last detail was adding our Aria Vent. I love the sleek touch of the Aria Vent and we used them first last year in our bathroom renovation. I saved our process in my ORC highlight on Instagram but you essentially continue your tile pattern right over the vent which minimizes the look of the vent in the room.

The Hathaway Collection is my new favourite from Loloi pictured above. 

One more key detail to this area was the rugs. We completely made over two sets of stairs. See this post for the full details if you missed it. We partnered with Loloi for all three rugs and I am so happy with the quality and how they work together in a small space. We used the Loloi Alchemy in Silver Graphite for our stairs and the Loloi Hathaway Beige Multi rug for our entrway rug.

Entryway Sources

Sources // Lettie Flush Mount by Hudson Valley Lighting, Endless Summer Wallpaper by York Wallcoverings, wall paint Good Jeans by Clare Paint, Door Hardware Aston Lever , and Ares Tubular Entry Set , Staircase Runner Rugs Alchemy Silver / Graphite by Loloi, Muskrat by Alexa Mazzarello, Pool Bends White by She Hit Pause Studios, Entryway Rug Hathaway in Beige Multi by Loloi, Brass Arched Mirror with Shelf by CB2.

The plan breakdown:

  1. Done // Rip out the tile and replace sub flooring and tile
  2. Done // Paint doors and panelling
  3. Done // Wallpaper
  4. Done // Replace lighting
  5. Done (bought a mirror instead) // Build a console table
  6. Done // Replace door hardware
  7. Done // Add new rugs
  8. Done // Refinish staircases and add runners
  9. Done // Add accessories

Wonderful partnerships that are making this renovation possible:

I am so grateful to the following brand partnerships that are supporting this One Room Challenge project!

Hudson Valley Lighting // Loloi Rugs // Clare Paints // York Wallcoverings // Emtek // She Hit Pause Studios // Alexa Mazzarello

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  1. I LOVE it! Was browsing through all the reveals and this was one of the ones that stuck out- It's beautiful!

  2. Way to make a first impression on your home Ashley, seriously it's incredible! I find it so impressive how you work with bold choices in your home- that are SO you! You go girl- and Andrew too!

  3. This was such a good transformation - what a fun entry!

  4. Thanks for the post! Yes, definitely, that was a great overhaul. I hope it will positively change your life! Now you can relax and read about what celebrities say about success in their life.

  5. Im a year late... was lookin for real-life images of this wallpaper because we are in between this one and the other one called Endless Summer too from a different company for our mini mudroom. We are sold on this wallpaper! We LOVE the look youve created with the matching wall color! What a fabulous space! Thank you for the inspiration. ☺️🙏

  6. I’m both thrilled and nervous to show off our new entry. It’s a mix of purple Girls vibes and Scandi minimalism, and it’s been a labour of love. While I hope it makes you happy, I’m also working on my environmental law dissertation topics, looking for ways to make sustainability a part of our home projects.

  7. Creating rooms with lovely themes can turn an area into an enthralling haven. The options for creative expression in themed rooms are infinite, whether you want to indulge in the grandeur of vintage elegance or embrace the serenity of nature with a botanical theme.


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