Week 3 of the One Room Challenge // Parenting Twins in Covid Times

This week we saw many furniture delays and a full day's power outage. While it definitely hampered my spirits, it did remind me how much of this is out of our control right now. It's odd to watch Americans participating in the ORC seemingly living life almost normally again. Shopping in actual stores, going on real vacations (what is this reality), while here in Ottawa, Ontario we can't even walk into a hardware store right now. So rather then continue this pity party, I vow instead to come back to this post soon, and do something a little bit different. 

There was a time when this blog was far more about sharing stories then renovations and lately some of you have asked me to write more, to share why we decided it was time to separate our twins and give them their own rooms - and while I'd love to dig into it right now, I simply can't. I am knee deep in client work and getting this week's blog post up on time (or really at the final hour but hey, it still counts). 

So if you're reading this, hang on a little and come back and there might be a story waiting for you.


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