Week 2 of the One Room Challenge - Two Bedrooms / 8 Weeks

It's week 2 of the One Room Challenge and Ontario just extended its lockdown. So that means I am balancing the panic of "how will we ever get the materials and furnishings we need with a continued lockdown" with the "this is all beyond our control and the rooms will get completed whenever they can" feelings.

And I mean what is a renovation amidst a global pandemic? It's a distraction and one I will gladly take so bare with us while we progress a bit slower then we intended. 

This last week we made both progress and had some setbacks. 

Alice's room is totally drywalled, mudded and sanded and ready for primer and paint / wallpaper.

A reminder of what Alice's room used to look like:

Isla's room now looks like this. Her room was already drywalled but had an awful drop ceiling. We debated some alternative drop ceiling possibilities but they were all quite expensive given that they would still leave us with a "prettier" drop ceiling so instead we decided to go for it and drywall.

The old carpet is gone and now we just need to resource some luxury vinyl flooring for both rooms (and eventually the whole basement). (Here's a reminder of what her room used to look like /// I know I know the before shot is pathetic but it's all I've got).

I also have a lot of emotions about this room.

I’ve been holding down the words that want to surface about our twins getting their own rooms. I’m so torn that not only will they be separating from each other, but also from us by moving downstairs.

We didn’t buy this home thinking that we’d have Ben one day (even though he was frozen at the fertility clinic and I never would have been able to not try for him) so we thought we’d have space upstairs for the girls when they decided they needed space from each other.

But we had Ben, and now they want to go downstairs.

So here I am fully anticipating the break down that will be my reality when these two rooms are done.

Hopefully week 3 will bring some more items in stock and a renewed enthusiasm for the big changes ahead. 

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In case you missed it, here are the full design plans for this One Room Challenge project from week 1.


  1. I'm thrilled to see that Alice's room is making significant progress with the drywall, mudding, and sanding complete, ready for primer, paint, or wallpaper. The transformation from the before picture is remarkable. As for Isla's room, the decision to remove the drop ceiling and opt for drywall is a great choice. The removal of the old carpet brings a fresh perspective, and I'm excited to see the luxury vinyl flooring you'll choose for both rooms.


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