wall of pictures or what i did last night

Last night's efforts to create a wall of pictures and prints remains a work in progress.  We are finding it a challenge to come up with a design that works and I am thinking that perhaps we just need another print or two to provide us with the proper inspiration.  Enter more etsy window shopping...

The colours in this Green Sky Birds print by MaiAutumn are gorgeous
This Peacock by CassiaBeck might work well with the other prints and photos

This Morning Light print also by CassiaBeck I love, but I am unconvinced that it isn't too bright for our living room.
Love the punch of red in this print by Hijirk (too bad it is sold)
Do you have any suggestions on how to hang multiple prints and photographs of varying dimensions on one wall... I would love to hear them.  I am thinking something along the lines of this might work...

Via CassiaBeck
I have been trying to get into a new book for about a week now.  It is called The House at Riverton.  I just finished The Forgotten Garden which is the second book written by this author.  This one seems to be dragging and I have been forgoing reading for the past few nights and instead, laying in bed thinking.  This is a bad approach.  Last night I caved and pulled out Twilight.. just what I needed.. and yes, I have read it way too many times!


  1. I do like tha above wall of pictures. I like that the frame mattes are different dimensions compared to each of the frames. It's a good visual effect. Although I can't see the entire space, it looks unfinished, as if there needs to be a few more pictures to frame the space, if you will. I like all the prints above it, too!

  2. Twilight series are my go to when I just want to read but don't want to get into something new or am struggling to get through something that isn't grabbing my attention. I've read them all far too many times to count (and will read them again no doubt)!

    I have no tips on the hanging of different size frames. I did this in my bedroom but to find the right 'fit' I just layed them on the floor until it looked 'right' and then hung them up.


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