Neither of us could really sleep last night, we had babies on the brain.  I kept myself occupied this morning pre appointment by painting my nails... all of them and I just have to say that painting one's toenails whilst 19 weeks pregnant with twins is no small accomplishment.... there was definitely some contorting going on but the distraction did the trick and they were still drying in flip flops while I was driving to the hospital for our appointment.

Andrew met me there and I had to go and get a hospital card first.  I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of this hospital... seemed far less dingy than the other local hospitals.  The other nice part was that the ultrasounds are done on the maternity ward and they seem very punctual and it was very clean. 

We had two ultrasound technicians, one nice one, one less than nice one.  The appointment lasted close to an hour and a half and we are dealing with some active babies!  They were kicking and punching each other for most of the appointment.  (the pre appointment cupcake that I ate likely had something to do with that).  The nice technician was a resident and showed us a clear between the legs shot and said we are having girls... she then said that she isn't allowed to tell us so the second (less than nice) technician would have to confirm.

Enter the less than nice technician... not at all interested in helping us figure out if these two are boys or girls.  Then we have me... holding back tears because I cannot take the wait any the end she said she didn't have time to look further to confirm but that from what she saw she felt they were girls. 

So.... we are 99.99% sure we are having girls.

Google images is backing up this feeling 100%. 

We will know for sure next Wednesday.... and I will bring on the full tears if we get another not-interested-in-helping-us-figure-out-what-these-babies-are technician... yes I am that desperate for 100% confirmation.

My initial reaction was disbelief.  I was just so convinced that they would be boys... everyone I talked to said "you're having boys".  But they were wrong it appears. 

We are cautiously but definitely thrilled.



  1. I can't believe that after such a long appointment, they weren't able to tell you for sure! How exciting to know almost for sure, and definitely next week you'll know! Yay!!

  2. Boo on the tech's attitude, but yay for girls!

    pink cupcakes, pink ruffle dresses, pink toes, pink lip gloss, pink bows!!
    PINK PINK PINK!!!! Ok, maybe purple, too.

    I'm so excited for you! I was thinking about you this morning as I read your last post. I'm a couple days behind, lol!

    Now you can start browsing all the girlie nurseries and clothes and toys!! But for sure start shopping next week! ;)

    CONGRATS again on the girls!!


  4. YAY!! Congrats!! hopefully princesses in training!!

  5. Congrats! Girls are soooo sweet and fun to buy clothes for!

  6. Awww... so exciting! Girls are going to be so much fun! Congratulations! I had a feeling they were girls :)

  7. Yay- 2 sweet girls! So happy for you..... Congratulations~ let the shopping begin :)

  8. YAYY!!! Congrats!! That is so awesome! Now I can't wait to see the baby stuff you get :-)

  9. Wonderful news! This is very exciting.

  10. Girls! Congrats, so exciting ;)

  11. I would be sooo upset if I didn't walk out of my scan without firm knowledge of the sex. So I do not think you are crazy in the least!
    I hope that next week they confirma everything for you!!!
    Yay for girls!!!!!!!

  12. girls! so exciting! now you get to buy dresses! (i'm jealous :)
    From what I've heard they'll never say it's 100% one way or the other. Guess it's easier to tell if it's a boy this early. When you have more ultrasounds you'll get the 100% confirmation, but I'd start painting things pink if I were you :)

  13. Awwww!! Girls - congratulations!

  14. omg, congrats! two girls! i can already imagine them all dolled up in cute things due to your great taste!

  15. Wow, what a heifer that lady was!

    But now that I know for sure (and you know for sure) you're having's so exciting!


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