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I was so happy to receive so many positive thoughts about our great news on Wednesday.  I was still absorbing the news and daydreaming of rompers, tutus and all things pink yesterday so you will have to excuse my lack of posting.  I was definitely contemplating nursery for the greater part of the day and did not finish the day without making an online purchase .... or purchases to be honest.

I seem to read a very early twin birth story on a blog almost daily so I am getting quite anxious about getting the nursery done sooner than later.

Andrew is strongly opposed to an entirely pink room (which I am too).  I also gag at the word theme... so sorry to disappoint, but you will not be seeing a matching border, bumper and wall decal in this room.  We talked about it last night for a while and we are both looking for something bright and colourful but not offensive, that is relaxing and fun at the same time.  I've hinted at my love for all paint Farrow & Ball previously and this extends to the nursery.  We painted it Teresa's Green a couple of years ago in preparation for it to eventually house a baby and we still love the colour so it is here to stay.

Wall Colour is Teresa's Green, via Lonny
The next big item is the crib.... or cribs in this case.  We do plan on putting them both in one crib at first but we will need two for the long haul.  We decided on the crib very soon after we found out that we were expecting twins.  We were originally thinking that we would splurge on the Oeuf Classic Crib.... thinking that we would be buying one.  The $940 price tag is just way too hard to swallow when you need to buy two, so that option went out the window right away.  I then happened upon the BabyMod line by Walmart and found the Olivia Crib.  At $299 a crib including the mattress it was an easy decision.  We just ordered two this morning!

You will have to excuse the obvious theme going on.... BabyMod Olivia Crib via
We will not be buying a matching dresser and change table.... I just don't see them as a good investment seeing as they will be using them for only a couple of years... plus the whole matching bedroom suite also rubs me the wrong way.  We lucked in and were given a gorgeous old dresser from a friend of the family a couple of years ago and it has just been waiting to be painted and re-purposed.  We will paint it, likely white but distressed, and throw a changing pad on top of it.... voila.... change table/dresser combo.

The other main storage area will be the closet.  Rumbermaid Configurations + Andrew makes for a great closet so once that system is in we should have plenty of storage.

Now for the fun part.... the colours and patterns... essentially the soul of this room.

Love by Amy Butler via
more Love by Amy Butler via
That spotted fabric we are thinking of using for bedskirts for the cribs.  The other fabrics (some of them) will hopefully be used as accent pieces throughout the room... mostly in the form of pillows.  This is the plan today.  I am determined to not be one of those pregnant ladies who changes her mind every other day about the colours in the room.  Just in case though I did order a much different print for a bed skirt option (so maybe I am exhibiting a bit of indecisiveness... but it is just too hard to tell the true colours from a computer screen.

The skirt fabric...Daisy Chain by Amy Butler via
We plan on purchasing multiple organic white fitted crib sheets for the mattresses of the cribs as I have heard that little ones tend to leak a lot.

We have also decided to order the glider / recliner that I have posted about a couple of times.  We will be ordering it in white leather.... you might be thinking that we are crazy for ordering white but leather is much easier to wipe off than microfiber.  Here is a refresher...

We will also definitely require a better lighting option than the standard issue ceiling mount fixture that comes with a suburban home.  I am hoping to track down an inexpensive chandelier and then paint it.

I have always loved Holly's nursery for her little girl Wren.  I especially love the light!  via Life in the Fun Lane
So that is what I have been dreaming about the past 24 hours or so....


Happy Weekend!


  1. So beautiful and unique!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. Ooooooh that looks sooo pretty! Congrats on the girls! I also never understood why people invest money in a changing table when a dresser with a changing pad would do.

  3. Love all your ideas and patterns! I too don't like a theme so we are just going with a few colors and keeping it simple. Glad you are able to start the planning process and see it all come together!

  4. My little girl's bedroom is yellow and it's my favourite room in the house. So bright and cheery. She'll no doubt want it pink at some point which is fine but for the moment I am loving the yellow!

  5. Love, love love your decorating ideas! It's going to be so bright and cheery and PERSONAL, which I love. How fun to be planning a nursery! And congrats on wonderful!
    -Kristen from

  6. Love all these ideas, and I too hate themes! Can't wait to see how it comes out.

  7. lovely ideas! happy weekend

  8. I love your ideas- so original and beautiful-. Love the crib- I will have to look at walmart for ideas- that is one store i forgot to look at for crib options.
    Congrats again on the girls! Have fun decorating.

  9. Can you email me the link to the glider? I can't get it to work.

  10. Elizabeth - just emailed you the link and I am going to fix it on here to.

  11. So adorable...I really appreciate with that.

    Kids Line


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